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Engine Essays


Dual Fuel Engine

Dual-Fuel™ is fitted onto a standard diesel engine, which operates unchanged, except power is generated by mostly clean natural gas. A measured quantity of natural gas is mixed with the air just before it enters the cylinder and compressed to

SEO Optimization

I was researching the SEO (Web Optimization) and I found some good things that I wanted to share with you. Keywords The first thing is some keywords that you can use for tags to enhance people finding your website. I

The Steam Engine

Introduction- The  amazing  development  of  the  present  century  is,  in  a  very  great  degree,  due  to  the  invention  and  improvement  of  the  steam  engine,  and  to  the  creative  application  of  its  power  to  kinds  of  work  that  formerly  taxed  the 

Camless Engine

Automobile manufacturers have recognized the compromises associated with engines that are governed by the rotation of a camshaft. This rotation, the speed of which is proportional to the engine speed, determines the timing of the engine valves. For this reason,

On Comman Rail Direct Injection

“HDi” redirects here. For the interactive format, see HDi (interactivity). “DCi” redirects here. For other uses, see DCI (disambiguation). Diesel fuel injector as installed in a MAN V8 Diesel engine Common rail direct fuel injection is a modern variant of

Four Stroke Petrol Engine

Intake stroke In this stroke, fuel and air is allowed inside the cylinder by the downward movement of the piston which involves the opening of intake valve. Compression stroke Piston moves upward again in this stroke and the fuel and

Green Engines

Green Engines Development Using Compressed Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel: A Review Semin, 2R. A. Bakar and 2A.R. Ismail 1 Department of Marine Engineering, Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Campus ITS, Sukolilo, Surabaya 60111, Indonesia 2 Automotive Excellent

Material used in engine block casting

Material used in engine block casting In order to meet the above functional requirements the material used for manufacturing the product should contain many properties. They are, the material should contain high strength, modulus of elasticity, wear resistance, ability to

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