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English Essays

English Essay – Open Secrets

Women, throughout the course of history, have had a long line of events mirroring their oppression, may it be in the departments of rights or within the span of stereotypical judgement. Therefore, the story entitled “Open Secrets” by Alice Munro

How to Learn Business English?

This research focuses on the challenges students encounter during learning specific vocabulary of Business English (BE) course. The main issue for students is often insufficient knowledge of a specialist field. The survey carried out at Dong Nai Technology University, Faculty

Theme for English B by Langston Hughes

Theme for English B by Langston Hughes dramatizes the conflict between physical exterior and psychological reality. It embodies the psychological trauma of African Americans during the first half of 19th century and their struggle for egalitarianism. The poet has skillfully

The Effects of English 1301 On My Writing

My writing has improved after I have taken the course English 1301 in several ways. I have learnt to access important and credible sources through research. In addition, I have learnt how to document research sources and reference these. I

A Report on English Camp Activities

Last school holidays, the English Language Society in my school had organised an English Camp for all students. There were many activities organised by the society to attract the students to participate and to practise using English language through out

Teaching English to Young Learners

            Young learners in the present generation may be considered to be more sophisticated in their ways of thinking and in receiving learning instructions, not because previous generations’ young learners were less intelligent or receptive, but rather, today’s young learners

English Matters in ESL Countries

In today’s world, the total number of ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers well exceeds the number of ENL (English as a Native Language) speakers (Jenkins 4). By English being a second language, that means the language has an

Why English in Malaysia?

Following the extensive influence by the British Empire in the 18th century, the English language has been widely propagated throughout many nations. Eventually, it became one of the international languages of the world and is used by most nations to

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