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As everyone know that English is international language and important medium of communication. But there is still a Controversial topic that should English be the medium of instruction in secondary school? Population are growing rapidly in this world. Imagine that if we doesn’t have English, how would we be communicating with others from foreign country? We could not use our national language to talk with foreign people since they may not be understand at all. We could not always speak their national language too whenever we contact with them as we do not have this kind of ability to learn all the languages that exist in this world. That’s why, we had English. Although English is the most important and international language for us, but we should not only focus on English and there are a lot of country that don’t use English for their national language. On the other hand, it means that English may not be that important for some country which have the different national language. For example, China use Chinese, Koren use Korean, Japan use Japanese. There are more language to choose other than English. Another reason that we some people don’t like English is because they are not use to it. May be their parents will think that they are just laziness but actually not.

Some people may have the learning problem In English. Although our country, Malaysia is very focused on English but there is still a lot of Malaysian not necessarily be able to speak English well as most of the Malaysian don’t even use English to communicate with each other in secondary school unless on the English class. So they will prefer to speak with same language friends than different language friends. Over the time, they rejected to speak English. By the way, they will always translate from other languages to English. In this situation they will make a lot of grammar mistakes and cause them can’t improve English correctly and rapidly. What is the main reason for studying English? To advance in the professional world, we should have a good English and speech. According to the magazine which I read before, it shows 2 examples to explain why shall we study English. First example it gave President George W. Bush. He is an business man and even though he is extremely smart and important person, but people are still don’t like him because he does not has good public speaking ability and unable to speak English well.

Another example is President Bill Clinton. Although he is not as smart as gave President George W, but he can speak English very well. This ability is enough to make people more favour him. These evidence is sufficient to prove speaking English is the one of communicating abilities. So, should English be the medium of instruction in secondary school? Yes, at least we think so. As technology become more developed, electronic products used in our daily life increase more and more too. But do we ever though before that what language do the electronic products use? It is mostly English.

It is definitely other language much less than English since most of the Sales of electronic products in international market are made by Western countries and western countries are mostly speak English. For example, Computer, mobile phone. These types of products can directly express what my mean. According to the professional survey, English proficiency of some secondary school students are very weak and the English language is in decline around the world. To address this situation, secondary school should be more actively encouraging students to speak in English and may teaching in English.

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