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Translation involves the very idea of transformation of thoughts into language which is the most unifying factor among human communities. In our multilingual, multicultural, transnational world, therefore, there is a need of a common global lingual space. English, being the globally acknowledged language is often associated with certain hegemonic domination over other indigenous languages of the world. Though there were some issues of power struggles and politics involved with the

with the language since its colonizing period, it by no means indicates that it attempts to occupy the other lingual spaces to establish its supremacy. Literature being an ideology is closely associated with social power. Literature is born out of language and the diversity of languages in the world therefore produces different literatures with different sensibilities and cultural backdrop. There are nations like USA, Britain, Canada, Ireland Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and several Caribbean countries using English as their mother tongue and it is also used extensively in the South Asian countries. English irrespective of being the mother tongues for many nations is such a language in which a huge body of literature is written. New literatures are being produced everyday in different new genres.

Genres in literature are not any recent developments. The huge body of translated literature can be regarded as a new genre in literature in the sense that there is an essential gulf between the original piece of literature and its translated counterpart because the sense and sensibility, cultural nuances and the shaping force behind any original text is ought to differ from that of the translator owing to his/her individual point of view of in a certain temporal and spatial framework. This paper is dedicated not to defend the position of English as a lingua franca but to address the various cases where the versatility of the language is misunderstood as its imperialistic motives and attempt to develop a fellow feeling for the language for what it is. It can be done by generating the idea that in today’s world of thousands of languages and millions of cultures there is an indomitable need for a common platform in terms of lingual space and if it is not English then something else.

And because English has already been accepted as the common global language there is no point trying to question its position further by politically associating the wide acceptance of the language with the cannibalistic and colonizing tendencies. It should not be forgotten that English has been serving as a brilliant connecting link among myriad of languages since ages. It is therefore, I think, an immature move to question the purpose and status of English as a language by associating it with political hierarchies because its contribution in unifying the world in terms of language is undeniable. Therefore the language is instrumental not in endangering the existence and importance of indigenous languages but in crafting a healthy and easy dialogue among the different languages and cultures of the world.

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