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English Crash Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Society’s pre-assumption restrain the perception of counter culturelism.

P1> Daniel and Jean/motifs.
Motifs, doctors/window/keys
Small counter act to our point.
Daniel’s first appearance, > linking to him being the ‘connector’ or ‘fixer’ in the movie. ‘of locks’ Open/closes doors into others’ lives. Widens Jeans view of how she looks at life.

Link: clash between characters
Jean relying on Daniel
Daniel relying on Shanequa First impression.

P2> Ryan and Shanequa/lighting
Scene one> office interview.
Ryan’s rowing frustration toward the ‘black’ society.
Learning curve.
Non diegetic sound> other people going through similar situations. Background noise/symbolising there’s more to our lives! (important factor in the paragraphs) Link: turning point for his pre-assumptions towards negro’s.

P3> Total counter-acting of Ryan the main point.
Ryan and Christine/sound effects. (non-diegetics)
First impression changing.
Cars Burning.
Christine ‘crashing’ the car, Ryan saving her through the window she broke! Getting him out of his racist stage.

Conclusion: Wrap it all up

In the film ‘crash’ directed by Paul Haggis, a major theme we have studied that society’s pre-assumptions, restrain the perception of counter culturalism. With the use of different film techniques, we are able to link to the idea of camera angles, lighting, motifs and non-diegetic sound.

In the film ‘crash’ an example of society’s pre assumptions restraining personal perception of counter culturalism is shown in an opening scene. Introducing the audience to two of the texts’ main characters in the film. Daniel Ruiz a Mexican locksmith is brought in to the home of Jean Cabot, a white respectable women. After a life threatening situation Daniel Is called to change the Cabot’s locks. Haggis uses camera angles to pan down on to Daniel’s crouching form as he changes the locks. An over shoulder shot is used as Jean’s first perspective of Daniel is a “shaved head, pants around his arse, prison tattoos, kind of person” Through the use of different film techniques, this encounter is the first the viewers see of the use of locks and doors portrayed throughout the movie.

Many of the transitions in the film

are with the use of, doors opened by one character. This shows the connectedness that the film maker

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selects to re-in force this idea. With the example of Jean Cabot, Haggis illustrates Jean’s close- mindedness towards other cultural representatives. But as Daniel Ruiz safely returns the two sets’ of keys to her, this opens up Jean’s view of what her original thoughts of him where, Daniel does not just physically have the power to fix locks, as he uses this use of motifs continuously throughout the movie.

The character of John Ryan strongly illustrated the prejudicial views of an opposing race. This is strongly illuminated in the scene between him and Shaniqua Johnson. He is real of her help with his father’s health conditions. He however is helpless and shows his anger through racism. This does not help to his benefit. The camera angles uses allowed the viewer to be placed in Ryan’s position. This is done through close ups that give the viewer a point of perception, where one can see the shear frustration in Ryan’s face. The medium close up shots illustrate this strongly, as it gives the viewer a glance at the person; not just up close. Not only how he used racism to trigger his anger but also how other people see this.

There are many over the shoulder shots of shaniqua, this gives the audience the image of Ryan that Snaiqua witnesses and there for the view of the wider world. This is also enhanced by the diegetic sound in the background of this scene where we here others talking. This is a great portrayal that Ryan is just one in many in need of help, that he is just one of the crowd. There will always be someone else with a similar dilemma. Ryan however uses his racist views to release his frustrations and by the end of the scene he is powerless. Resulting In his prejudices racist views coasting his father’s health.

The preconception of a race can be overthrown. Although John Ryan has extensive racial tendencies towards black people he overthrows them in the time of need. John saves Christine (a black woman) when she is in a car which is on fire, he even puts his own life on the line to do so. “I’m trying to help you” John says this to show her his genuine willingness to help.

So we see the change from the incident with Shaniqua where he insults her and gets angry at her because she is black. The change in him is highlighted by the non-diegetic sound in this scene, the slow but intensive music shows how hard it is for John to overcome his prejudices but the persistence of him to do it. This shows us that society’s pre-assumptions which restrain the perception of counter-culturelism no matter how strong they are can be overthrown. This overthrowing of preconceptions is not in the very least dangerous it’s just takes a lot of persistence and this persistence is shown in this scene.

If certain techniques where not portrayed though out the movie, we would struggle to connect to the main idea of society’s pre-assumptions that restrain the perception of the counter -culturelism. With the use of camera angles, lighting, motifs and non-diegetic sound, we are able to see how the basic nature of humans are influenced by society around them.

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