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English Journey Essay Sample

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English Journey Essay Sample

“It is not the destination that matters, but rather the journey” “Journey” can mean anything. It could be travelling from one place to another, or an adventure. The concept of journey can be seen in three different ways; which are physical, inner and emotional. The prescribed text that will be discussed in this essay is the film “Beneath Clouds” directed by Ivan Sen. The related text that will be discussed is a visual text of a book cover called “The Ivory Trail” written by Victor Kelleher. Both texts have a similar theme, which is the theme of Journey. The techniques that will be reviewed for “Beneath Clouds” are the colours, the non-diegetic sounds and symbolism. The visual techniques that will be analysed in the related text are the layout and images that have been used. Therefore, this essay will seek to discover the fact that it’s not where the destination is but how you get there, the journey that matters the most.

In the film, “Beneath Clouds”, a technique that has been used is colour. There was a variety of colour used in the film, especially earthy tones such as red, brown and yellow. Other colours used include blue, white and green. As Lena and Vaughn were travelling on the road, there was a variety of colours used, such as the brown-red dirt, the blue and white sky and the yellow plants from the cornfield scene. All the colours represent journey as the colours were current in the scene during the time Lena and Vaughn were passing them in different scenes. As all of these colours are present, the effect of this technique is to focus on the natural elements of the country side and it helps identify the setting as being in Australia. It also helps identify the natural world in comparison to the man-made world, where machines overtake people’s lifestyle. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that it’s not where the destination is, but how you get there, the journey that matters the most.

The non-diegetic sounds in a film are those sounds from a soundtrack that have been inserted into a film during the editing process. Ivan Sen added non-diegetic sounds to the end of “Beneath Clouds” which can be heard when Vaughn rushes into his mother’s home and again when he rushes to say goodbye to Lena at the train station. Powerful music was played during these two scenes. It helps to show the importance of the scene as well as being used to substitute the communication between the characters. Vaughn’s actions tell the story in the scene, not dialogue. With the powerful music in the background, it helps the audience to identify the intensity of the climax in the film. Therefore, it can clearly be seen that it’s not where the destination is, but how you get there, the journey that, matters the most. Another feature of the perception of journey in “Beneath Clouds” is the use of symbolism. In the beginning of the film, rolling clouds appeared.

This is symbolic due to the changes happening to the clouds. If the clouds rolled slowly, it would have a calming effect indicating the final destination but instead, the rolling clouds represent the changes and the journey that Lena and Vaughn are undertaking. The nature clouds are that they are constantly changing; they never stay the same which can be said of the two characters. When Lena met Vaughn, they were strangers to each other. They walked the same direction, but not beside each other, instead, they were distant; one walking behind the other. Soon they grew to know each other and by the end of the film, they had a strong friendship leading to them having to say goodbye with a hug only. As the clouds keeps changing, so do Lena and Vaughn’s friendship. The rolling clouds represent the difficulties and hardships that they endure together. In this case, Vaughn and Lena went through many obstacles but always remained close.

Therefore, it can be clearly seen that it’s not where the destination is, but how you get there, the journey that matters the most. “The Ivory Trail” by Victor Kelleher is a visual text that also represents the concept of journey. The layout of all the images on the cover appears in a crooked path which leads to the notion of a journey. Not all journeys can be completed in a straight line; just like in this case, the path of the journey starts from the bottom of the book cover with the eyes that look to the Sphinx and then the pyramid that then leads to the Indian temple; which is finally guided to the quote with the unfinished punctuation. The quote with the unfinished punctuation highlights what it is actually being stated: that not all journey have an ending. Obstacles can also avoid the journey appearing in a straight line which actually changes the route of the journey. This can relate to the prescribed text, “Beneath Clouds” because as Lena and Vaughn are travelling from one place to another, such as the cornfield scene to the church scene, it reflects the ideas of the layout of Kelleher’s book cover.

It can clearly be seen that it’s not where the destination is but how you get there, the journey that matters the most. Another feature of journey in the book cover, “The Ivory Trail” is the images being used. The book cover has a variety of images on it, such as the Pyramid and Sphinx which are located in Egypt, the Indian temples, the eyes casting upwards with the ripples of sand and the quote at the top right corner. The ripple sand identifies it to be in a desert and dry area, hence the Pyramid and Sphinx which are from located in Egypt. From Egypt to India, it is a physical journey with mystery as the quote with the unfinished punctuation shows that there is more meaning towards the book. The main characters from “Beneath Clouds” shared a physical journey together when they first met.

As Lena and Vaughn were travelling, the scenery was dry and sandy and as Lena reached her last stop which was at the train station, it shows that the journey hasn’t ended yet, she still has to find her father which then is another journey with a mystery towards it. It then relates back to Kelleher’s book cover. It can be clearly seen that it’s not where the destination is but how you get there, the journey that matters the most. Therefore, it can clearly be seen in the essay, that it’s the journey that matters and not the destination.

The film that has been discussed is the prescribed text “Beneath Clouds” and the related text is a visual text of a book cover called “The Ivory Trail”. In these two text, the following elements that has been deconstructed in “Beneath Clouds” were the colours, the non-diegetic sound and symbolism. The visual techniques that were discussed in “The Ivory Trail” were the layout and the images being used. Though the analysis of the elements that has been discussed, it can clearly be seen that not where the destination is but how you get there, the journey that matters the most.

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