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Introduction of TOPIC

My name is Vincent Lowe and I’m a freshman here at Delaware. I’m originally from New Jersey born and raised and Delaware was my first choice for college. I have an older sister and I’m really into sports. My favorite teams consist of the Eagles, Pirates, 76ers, and Flyers; I have season tickets to the Eagles and I go to every game with my dad. I follow sports pretty much everyday and I love playing sports with my friends. I’m a big fantasy football guy and I’ve been running my own league for a while now. Fantasy football makes the NFL season that much more interesting as your interested in every game and not just your favorite teams game. My sister also went to Delaware and she graduated last year. She is going for her CPA and she already has a job. She majored in Accounting and Finance as what I’m going to major in as well.

I’m looking forward to rushing this semester, as I want to be a part of a fraternity here at Delaware, as I believe it will make me time here a lot more enjoyable. Next year I’m living in a townhouse with some of my friends as I’m pretty excited for that having my own place for the first time and living on my own means. It will be an adjustment but I’m looking forward to it. My family is really important to me and they always come first, I would do anything for them and I love spending time with them. My grades are really important to me as I try hard in school to get the best possible grades and become a successful student. Being a successful student will enable me to achieve a good job in the future and hopefully lead a successful life. I’m looking forward to this English class because my least favorite subject is English and I want to learn to become a better writer and enjoy the subject of English.

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