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Having a good healthy life style is amazing, so you enjoy your life. Some people says that healthy life is style require too many difficult staff like you can’t eat everything you like, or some says doing sports is a mission to do… ; however, they are wrong because exercising every day, eating healthy food, and having good sleep are the ways that helps us to succeed in life with

life with enjoying it. Fast food, junk food, oily food, cans food, … to the garbage if you want a health life start with this simple step. Always start your day with a health meal because breakfast is so important for your healthy body. Try to put a schedule for your meals with all the proteins and vitamins which body daily need. For example, start your day with two eggs, meat or bacon, some bred, and a glass of milk or orange juice. Then lunch time try to get more proteins like have a stake or meat or chicken with rice or mashed potatoes. Always stay away from soft drinks, and try to have a health drink or water for better.

Fruit and vegetable are very important to keeps you away from sickness, so always put it in your meal schedule. Diner must not be too late, and try to make it a light meal, so you stomach can digest the food before you got to bed. After all, food is where we get the energy from, so try to have healthy meals. Exercising everyday is your way to stay healthy, and to have a great life. Everyone has his own type of sports that She/He likes, so find your and start practicing it. Do sports as it’s entertainment for you, so you can do it every day without getting bored of it. Exercising every day makes your body and mind active. At the end, as we all know a sound mind in a sound body.

Sleeping is amazing, we all love to sleep. In addition, having a good sleep is also very important for a healthy life style. Sleeping at night is totally different than sleeping at day time. Moreover, according to a research day sleep is very bad to our body because sleeping at night makes your body relax and has more rest genetics. The perfect amount of sleep is between 7-8 hours every day. In addition, try to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time because it helps to sleep well and filling to sleep faster. In summary, our health is the most important thing that we have to take care of, so we can enjoy our life. Eating well, practicing, and having good sleep are the main way to stay health. I wish that everyone enjoy his and her life in a healthy way.

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