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Enrollment System Analysis Essay Sample

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Enrollment System Analysis Essay Sample

BrentWood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. is a private, independent, preparatory – secondary school, dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—to the glory of God. Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. provides a variety of camps designed to give young people a chance to grow and mature outside the traditional classroom setting. Our goal is to provide camps which nurture and challenge students, ages 5-18, in the context of academics, the arts, and sports. Each camp provides a motivational setting where students can develop character, build a sense of responsibility, and learn a spirit of humility and self-discipline.

The technology today plays a vital role in our society. It makes man work easier and fast. It lessens error of work by using machines. It reduces costs to an organization from paper works up to computerized working system. Many manual transactions can be computerized by using software applications or computer systems to make work easier and efficient. Information technology can give a company ready access to improve product and service quality, reduce costs, increase productivity in smallest time possible, and communication between employees and to make things with lesser effort but having a better output and even improve company morale.

The process of enrollment in schools nowadays requires information technology. The objective of Information Technology is to help humanity from doing loads of work over time. By having computerized system, the cost during enrollment will be cut down and much effort will be reduced. The project involves a series of studies that covers all the requirements of creating a computerized enrollment system. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain student records. The developer’s main concern is to make a system that will help to speed up the process. The subject of this study is the Enrollment System of BrentWood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. The study aims provide a system that will serve their Registrar accurately and with efficiency in matters related to their enrollment.

1.1 Current State of Technology

Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. is a private school. Located in Blk. 0-16 Sta. Cruz 1, Dasmariñas Bagong Bayan E City of Cavite 4114. Founded year 2004 by Ms. Leticia Silvestre and they started Operation was on June 2004. The school administrator is Ms. Jean S. Buella.


Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. is committed to provide equal and equitable access to relevant quality education for all to produce God-loving, nationalistic, disciplined, productive and competent Caviteños responsive to the demands and challenges. Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. mission statement is to upgrade academic, technological, cultural, and artistic and leadership skills and capabilities of students as well as to strengthen their Filipino values towards the achievement of the country’s national development goals.


Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. is committed to a rich and challenging tradition of excellence where every decision is made with the students’ best interest in mind. We recognize the value of each student as an integral member of the school community. With a partnership of parents, staff, and students, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our dynamic and ever changing world. At Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. all students are empowered to achieve success.

They offer NKP, Elementary and HighSchool. They currently have 560 students, 28 student per section. They have 2 section each level.

BrentWood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. have 14 classrooms and 4 non-instructional, included; TLE, Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and Industrial.

The Enrollment period is on February onwards (s.y 2013-2014). The Principal and Staff are the persons involved during their enrollment period. And they can accomadate 20 students per day. The Student will be officially enrolled after the compliance of his/her requirements and filling up the enrollment form and complied all requirements ask by the Institution.

* Requirements for New/Transferee Students:

* Photocopy of Registered Birth Certificate (NSO for 4th yr.) * Medical Certificate
* 4 copies 1×1 ID pictures
* Photocopy of latest Report Card
* Recommendation Letter from the Principal and Guidance Counselor

* Procedure for Old/New/Transferee Students:

1. Entrance Exam (Registrar)
2. Compliance of Requirements
3. Filling Up enrollment form
4. Approval (Administrator)
5. Payments (Accounting Office)

Mode of Payments: Cash and Installment
* Plan A –
* Cash Payment: P14,000.00

* Plan B – Installment
* Down Payment: P4,500.00
* Monthly Payment: P1,000.00 x 10 months
June – March

* Payment Scheme:
a) School Fees may be paid in cash or installment.
b) The school will provide schedule of Payment.
c) All fees must be settled as per schedule.

They currently using a Computerized Enrollment System but their system does not running smoothly. Sometimes they need signal just to use their system.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3.1 General Problem:
The study focuses on the design, development and implementation of Computerized Enrollment System for Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc.

1.3.2 Specific Problem:

1. The System they have is not running smoothly.
Although they already have a computerized enrollment system, it is not running smoothly so they‘re encounteringsome problems during the enrolment period.

2. The enrolment process that includes registration, assessment and payment transaction is time consuming.

During their enrolment period, because of their system is not running smoothly, they’re having a hard time to accommodateenrolees and organizing their records.

1.3 Objectives

1.4.3 General Objectives

To design, develop and implement a Computerized Enrollment System to Pre-Registration and Grading Inquiry for BrentWood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc. with a fast performer that their present system.

It will help them to accommodate students (such as enrollees, transferees and old) and recording all information easily.

1.4.4 Specific Objectives

1. To develop a Computerized Enrollment System that will reduce length of time spent in processing registration, assessment and payment transactions.

The proposed system have a fast performer than their present system that will be help them in their enrollment process. It will be easy for them to accommodate and organize the records.

2. To develop a module that will be an easier way of recording, searching and adding information of the students.

The proposed system can help the school to record, search and add information of their enrollees, transferees and old students easily and to lessen the time to spent.

1.4 Significance of the Study
The study will be significant to many people. The new process will reduce the misunderstanding and miscomputation among the records and payments of the students/enrollees.

* School–
This research study will ensure them reliable and problem free generation of a new produced enrollment system. Can give Positive Action, on teacher, parent, and student perceptions of school.

* Registrar–
A registrar is an official keeper of records made in a register. Can help them to lessen the time spent to accommodate students during the enrolment period.

* Accounting –
The Brentwood Academy Accounting which is involved in the recording, analyzing, classifying and interpreting of the financial affairs of a school. The reason for this research is to make work Easier, Faster and Accurate to calculate the payments efficiently.

* Enrollees/Students –
This research can avoid the enrollees and students in hassle that they’re encountering during the enrollment period.

* Future Researchers –
This research provides complete information about the Brentwood Academy of Dasmariñas Inc.

* Administrator
A person responsible for running a business, organization. This research will benefit them for that they will know the flow of the enrollment and the other activities involved.

1.5 Scope and Limitations

The proposed system particularly covers the following:

* Student information
* Faculty information
* Assessment / Payments
* Subject information
* Tuition Fee information
* Grading Information
* Class Scheduling
* User Accounts
* Audit trail
* Archiving
* Back up and Restore
* Report Generation

The system will not include financial report generation
The system will not include payments online.

Chapter II
Theoretical Background

2.1 Introduction

As the generation goes by, and the modern technologies are rising, me can say that technology is one of commonly use to improve and make the work easier and affective. The reason for this research is to make work easier, faster, and accurate to record and update the enrollment efficiently. The manual processing of recording of student information are a lot work, but with the help of technology, this work could be done easier and effectively. The project involves a series of studies that covers all the requirements of creating a computerized enrollment system. The goal of the study is to provide an efficient computer-based system that will easily update, retrieve, and maintain student records. The developer’s main concern is to make a system that will help to speed up the process. The subject of this study is the Enrollment System of Brentwood Academy. The study aims provide a system that will serve their Registrar accurately and with efficiency in matters related to their enrollment.

2.2 Review of Related Studies

The review of the literature for this study focuses on procedures used to identify teaching and learning styles and what effect a match between the two has on student learning outcomes and evaluation of instructors. The review focuses on a number of different instruments used to identify teaching and learning styles. The chapter begins with a definition of learning styles, teaching styles, and matching, followed by the findings of researchers using various instruments to measure learning and teaching styles. The research outcomes germane to learning styles, teaching styles, and a match between the two in relation to course grades, final exam scores, and instructor evaluations are discussed.

2.2.1Foreign Literature

3.2.2 Local Literature

3.2 Theoritical Framework
This section provides the theories guide of the possible completion of the study. This is how the existing manual system works. This will help the proponents to identify the how the existing system works and how can the proponents improve it. The theory of Input- Process- Output diagram.

3.3.1 I.T Theories

MS Access

Visual Graphic Design 6.0

Adobe Photoshop CS2

3.3.2 Non- I.T Thoeries
Audi trail

Chapter 3 – Existing System

3.1 Existing System DFD (Data Flow Diagram)

Officially Enrolled
Register Student
Fill up registration form
Financial Database
Pay Tuition Fee
Apply Discount
Compliance of Requirements

Entrance Exam

3.2 Existing System ERD (Entity Relation Diagram)

Chapter 4 – Proposed System

4.1 Proposed System DFD
Officially Enrolled
Register Student
Cash and Installment
Fill up Forms
Registrar Office
Entance Exam
Pass or Failed

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