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Enron Essays


Enron’s Demise - Where There Warning Signs?

Enron is a company which headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Enron was first headed by Samuel F. Segnar. Enron was the result of InterNorth’s acquisition of Houston Natural Gas in 1985. Under the new terms of this acquisition, the

An Ethical Analysis of the Enron Scandal

The Enron scandal is one that left a deep and ugly scar on the face of modern business. As a result of the scandal, thousands of people lost their jobs, some people lost their entire pensions, and all of the

Article Review-Part A

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was put in to place as a way of preventing and deterring future accounting fraud, protecting shareholders, and increasing confidence in public company financial reporting. However, SOX has imposed tremendous new duties and costs on

The Enron Case and Hobbes’ Ethical Theory

            The Enron scandal reveals how some big companies and corporations can result to acting unjustly for the sake of making greater profits. The Enron case becomes controversial in such a way that the U.

The Enron Case

            The Enron case only proves how money, wealth, properties, luxury, ambition, and fame could make people act unjustly (Dembinski & Lager, 2005). The Enron case shows how company executives and bosses could arrive at selfish decisions for their own

Enron Scandal

Abstract             Enron was formed through a merger between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth and as 1985 ended, the company was in terrible financial trouble as it no longer had exclusive rights to its pipelines because of market deregulation. However

Enron Case Study Analysis

Enron Case: A Background Enron was ranked in the USA’s Fortune top 10 list of companies, based on its earnings in 2000.  Its published accounts for the year ended 31 December 2000 showed a profit of $979 million and there

HealthSouth Fraud Investigation

Introduction and Background Richard Scrushy founded HealthSouth, formerly known as Amcare, Inc., in 1984 in Alabama. HealthSouth is a provider of medical rehabilitation services, as well as outpatient surgery and occupational medical services. The company experienced rapid financial growth and

The Enron Fiasco

The Enron Corporation came into being during the 1980s when Omaha- and Nebraska-based Northern Natural Gas Company created a holding company by the name of InterNorth, which then merged with the Houston Natural Gas to establish the now-defunct Enron.  Initially

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