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Introduction of TOPIC

So theirs this story and it’s called Jimanji written by Chris Van Allsburg in 1981. He wright it as a child’s book. They made it into a movie latter on and it came out in 1995. Most people said it would give you nightmares and that it want a family kind of movie. The settings between the story and movie are in two different years and the story and the movie where also different by where it all happen at. The story was more drawn out and boring. It took place ay eat the house the kids lived at in November 1950. The movie on the other hand had more entertaining and had a bigger attention seeker. The movie was taken place in the perished home and the town in 1669. In the story the plot seamed more simple and short as the movie had twists but their kinda the same at the same time.

The plot from the story had two kids playing the game that comes alive (Jumanji) but they have to stop all the threats and dangers that come on popping out. As the movie was the same but also two adults from the earlier game was througn in. So the conflict of the story was Kid v. Game. He had to beat the game to stop it. The conflict in the movie Allan v. Hunter, Allan v. his Dad, and Allan v. Himself. Allan had the hunter chacing him around trying to kill him but he also never really got close to his dad and fought a lot it seemed and finally himsel, he never believed in himself or had a backboan really. The resolution of the story was Judy had to reach the end or the game and yell out ‘JUMANJI!” the movie’s resolution was that Allan wins the game; all threats are retarned into the game and the time reverst back to the 1964. I guess they had a close to same ending.

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