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Entrepreneurs Essays


Administration and Management

What, in your opinion, is the viewpoint of the authors on working ethically? Working ethically according to the reading means; using the inner guiding moral principles, values, and beliefs you have to analyze or interpret a situation and then decide

Entrepreneur Research Report

Overview             Peter Terret, founder and managing director of RapidMap, is an entrepreneur by classic definition. Seeing an opportunity or an imperfection in the market in his area of competence, and going on to found and successfully manage his own

A Successful Business Man

A business man is someone taking risk in a certain company for the purpose of producing revenue from a combination of human, financial, or physical capital. An entrepreneur is an example of a business man. Sometimes it can mean someone

Entrepreneurship Case Study

Q1: List three personality traits, which are crucial for successful entrepreneur. Discuss them and provide argumentation for your thinking. 1. In my humble opinion, for being a successful entrepreneur you should have, without any doubts, at least a basic knowledge

Profile of an Entrepreneur: David Karp

David Karp was born in New York City on July 6, 1986. Karp grew up very comfortably living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He showed an early interest in website design, designing websites for local businesses by the

Concept of Education

Education involve training of entire person to enable them not only to read, write and calculate or to be proficient in a given job but also to enable them to fit themselves for living in the society, therefore, it is

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

What is creativity and what is Entrepreneurship? Is there any relation between creativity and Entrepreneurship? If so, what is the relation and what role does creativity play in entrepreneurship? The purpose of this essay is to articulate the relationship between

Evaluating Social Media Marketing

To remain competitive and relevant in today’s technological world, a number of businesses have realized that social media marketing is a good way to establish an online and prominent presence. By joining the digital age, both small and large businesses

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Filipinos do have a flair for business, judging from data from the Department of Trade and Industry. According to the DTI, 99.6 percent of registered businesses in the Philippines are micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and these provide 63.2

Roxanne Quimby Case

Who can be an entrepreneur? Anyone can be an entrepreneur as long as they have an opportunity and the drive to see it to fruition. To accomplish this they need to be creative and intelligent to build fervor around their

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