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Environmental Pollution Essay Sample

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Environmental Pollution Essay Sample

Why it is better to use behavior change rather than technology to reduce environmental pollution:

With innovations and creativity caused by technology, industrial plants satisfy human needs at a lower cost and more effectively. Due to lack of knowledge, innovator’s actions may cause unfavorable side effects. These may be to the extend of causing enormous environment pollution and their implication or impact on the society may not be undesirable. The way people behave after being subjected to new technology, leading to new creative and innovative packaging of customer goods and commodities is on focus. Technology serves a complimentary   role to other factors of production.

Behavior of consumers of industrial goods and commodities can change. The reaction to new packaging and disposal of unreturnable containers resulting from new technology may pollute the environment to a great extend. Consumer goods cannot be utilized in their natural status and need to be processed to a usable form with a packaging or a container that will keep the product in good condition before the expiry. After consumption, the containers, regardless of their type should be disposed.

Waste like paper can later on be recycled into other usable paper product. The idea is to shift blame from technological advances in relation to production of goods    and commodities to the behavior of those who consume the products. Industries should have a culture of engineered scrap in the production of metals and plastic goods. These industries relate well with the waste disposal systems. If this good relationship is not maintained, then waste materials may be distributed all over the surrounding. Waste material that cannot be recycled should be done away with in an hygienic manner.

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The effects of Technology can have an impact on the environment. The Example of Chlorinated Fluorocarbons for refrigerator compressors cause global warming and the destruction of the Ozone layer. This is part of technological advances leading environment pollution, which affect weather patterns. Environmental pollution is hazardous to human, animal and plant life. Environmental pollution involves making the surrounding to be not fit for the living of any organic life. Environmental pollution can be through water, air, soil and the atmosphere. It entails contamination of the surroundings through emissions that are emitted from industrial plants through their waste disposal unknowingly or knowingly.

Water pollution

Air pollution

Air pollution from a Cigarrete manufaturing company

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projected CO2 emissions by country.
Source: Energy Information Administration

(mongabay.com:source:EIA 2005)Drezner Jeffrey Camm 20-27

Environmental pollution is normally caused by a combination of organic and inorganic substances whose combination is harmful to the breathing, feeding and survival of the living creatures. It has received a lot of attention from the media, health organizations, environmental conservation organizations and concerned parties (third parties). Governments all the world have tried to ensure that environmental pollution is at its minimum and necessary measures are being taken to reverse the current polluted state of the surroundings. Environmental pollution can lead to economic and financial losses because it affects many factors of production like labor and capital while costs and expenses incurred to treat polluted atmosphere and water may not have some attributable monetary gains leading to losses being incurred by all the organizations and entries that may be willing to participate in cleaning the environment.

Many third world countries seek for donor funds and grants to protect their environment from being polluted and for the treatment of polluted cases. Such errant for dealing with environmental pollution normally commit their utilizable funds in any governments budget and results in a reduction on allocations to other functions and responsibilities of their governments. In the developed world it is part of an industry’s responsibility to ensure that they treat their waste resources with care to avoid emissions that destroy the surroundings or individual or industrial actions cause the environment pollution. A change in the behavior of polluting the environment will reduce the related problems and issues.

The way in which we treat the water, air and land results in pollution incase such treatments is not polite. Pollution behavior includes the undisciplined disposal of waste at the household and industrial level. This includes disposal of garbage, waste water and omissions from industrial sites that badly spoil the environment. Our land water and air need to be protected and preventive measures of environmental pollution need to be adhered to in order to reduce the rate of pollution and lower the consequences or problems related to a polluted environment. It should be everybody’s responsibility to ensure that measures are in place to guard the environment is respected.

 Household waste and garbage should be disposed off hygienically at given cites where it is collected cater and recycled into consumer goods and commodities, waste materials like papers and plastic bags should not be thrown all over like the case in third world countries. Sewage systems should be in place and should be well maintained to avoid leakages, which are the main pollution on the soil. Sewage water should be draining into a common place where concentration occurs to get rid of waste water and concentrated sediments can be used for other purposes like the manufacture of fertilization in case where this waste water spreads all over the place, environment pollution occurs and the soil obtains chemical substances that hinder the growth of plants and other living creatures. Gas and smoke emissions from industrials plants should be channeled to a central place where they are treated before being released to the atmosphere. This should be corporate responsibility of any basic obligations to ensure that they do not emit substances that cause pollution

Smoking is considered it as cause of environmental pollution. Cigarette filters deposited at different areas accumulate and their chemical components cause pollution on the soil. Smoke by smokers spoils the fresh air needed for the breathing of all living creatures including plants. Smoking areas should be demarcated at some points whereby all filters are collected at one point and disposed. This will also reduce chances of second hand smoking by those who do not smoke

Pollution is introducing contaminated materials are substances that can be dropped willingly of unwillingly. Behavioral change will involve doing away with the willingness to contaminate the surrounding. This includes dropping of liquid or solid substances by individual or corporate counties. Liquid contamination is normally through sewage that is derived from households or industries and channeled to a common place, which is normally a sewage dam. If the sewage pipes could be well maintained to ensure that they do not leak through out the networking to the emptying point old sewage pipes should be replaced with new ones that do not allow penetration and diffusion of sewage water into the soil.

Leakage from waste disposal pipes may concentrate the soil to a point whereby the wastewater flows on the earth surface. All plant and animal life that is distributed because these organic creatures do not have a strong mechanism to sieve out the waste from the water. Such wastewater normally has toxic chemicals and substances that may lead to dying of plants or even sickness in animals, which feed on the vegetation cover. Members of the society should understand the relationship between leaking sewage pipes with animal of even vegetation cover. This understanding will change the behavior of ignorance, which leads to continuous leakages causing so much of environmental pollution problems.

Pollutants may be chemical materials or even energy commissions which are noisy produce heat and strong light chemical substance that are emitted from industries of house holds should first be treated before they are let in to the environment. Every industry should have a budget for the treating of chemical substances to be disposed. After treatment of the chemicals substances, sewage disposable pipes will be free to of corrosion and will remain fixed and impermeable for a long time. Must sewage pipes in the network are spoiled by chemical substances with in the waste and this can only be reversed if sewage substances are treated to be free of any toxic matter.

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 Corporate entries should understand that it is part of their social responsibility to perfect the environment and to prevent the pollution of the environment because it call for capital intensive investments to clean the environment after it has been polluted industries should therefore raise with environment conservation bodies of entries to reduce the rate and risk  of environments pollution. Environmental conservation should be in the management’s culture so that new management teams, recruited understand that the business entity was been doing its best to keep the environment free of pollution.

At the household level, water used for irrigating vegetation cover like flowers or tree within the homestead. People have a tendency to water plants in homesteads with wastewater, which has some chemicals composition. When plants roots absorb this water it may lead to wilting and final collapse of plants. The chemical substances that may be contained in dirty irrigation water also spoil the soil that the watered plants exist. All living creatures around the place may suffocate and die. Household should avoid irrigation of plants cover with used water to avoid major environmental pollution problems.

Industries may be noisy and may not give residents around the location an easy time both during the day and at night. Inclusiveness should be located far away fro residential area so that residents are not distributed any state should have and industrial site that is far away from the city center where people go to office during the day and at night. Noise from manufacturing companies may hinder coordination and corporation of different departments in a working office.

White collar kind of employment should therefore be located far away from manufacturing sites so that those not involved in the actual production may have a easy and quite time and be not interfered with. Noisy operation should be located far away from school institutions and medical care centers where quietness is given a priority for sake of improving performance and concentrations. School entrepreneurs should also take it as their own responsibility not to locate their institutions near noisy manufacturing sites to improve the performance of students.

Polluting the environment excessively can be to a point where it is considered harmful to excising organism, environmental and human beings. It is only through the change of human behavior that can reduce major environmental pollution problems we face today.

Behavioral change entails pollution control. Pollution control is part of managing the environment. Emissions affects activities can be considered as a major cause of environmental pollution and farmers should re consider the use of pesticides, fertilizers, insecticide of even fungicides. These are chemical substance used to protect both plant and animal life. The negative effects of the use of such should be thoroughly analyzed and either methods of weed control and insect control implemented. The chemicals in the insecticides fungicides and fertilizers cause some harm to the soil and a neutralization of such is needed. Natural methods or even physical procedures for weeding and doing away with rodents and insecticides should be preferred to the scientific ones.

The United Sates Environmental Agency (EPA) made a list of measures for air pollution to guard human life in the year, nineteen seventy. It prescribed chemicals to be used for reducing the effects of air pollution. Households and industries need to have a culture of protecting the environment from pollution. Their behaviors should be of constant consideration of the measures given by United States Environmental Agency because the technology on its own can not function. Human capital is very necessary to implement the set plans into action for corrective measures to be effective and efficient.

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            People with the right skills, education, ability and knowledge needed to put the chemical, Cardinogenicity in to action. Cardinogenicity is very effective in dealing with air pollution the use of chemicals to deal with environmental pollution should be carried out carefully to minimize the side effects of their use. Therefore change of behavior to reduce the environmental

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