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Erik Erikson created the chart of psychosocial stages of development. He wanted people to understand that they are more alike than what they know because all people go through the same kinds of things at various ages. In this paper, the eight stages of psychosocial development will be described and the results of the life stages interview will be included.

The first stage is trust vs mistrust. Children go through this stage at birth until about one year of age. At this stage, children tend to trust in their caregivers when they respond to the child’s need. When the caregiver does not pay any attention to the things the child needs, the child may start not to trust that he or she can depend on them when we really need them. The next stage is autonomy vs shame and doubt. This stage occurs between the ages of one and three, and this is when children start to question if they can act on their own. They start to recognize things around them and themselves as well.

Initiative vs guilt is the next stage; the stage that children experience at the age of three to six years. This is when they begin to accomplish the goals they set for themselves and take much pride in it. Children at this stage also build a sense of self pride when they can perform physical activities well.

The next stage, industry vs inferiority, is when kids from age’s six to twelve try to compare themselves to others around them. They also work on building cognitive and social skill with others to have a social relationship and to not feel alone.

Next will be identity vs role confusion. In this stage people from the ages twelve to twenty are trying to figure out who they are as a person. Around this stage they pre-teen to an adult and want to know who they are as in to where can they fit in.

There are a few of the stages and descriptions of how they work. Now it’s time to move on to the interview conducted. The participant was asked a few question about her life style and choices. The first question asked was what do you do with your spare time. Her answers were to spend time with her grand kids and help students at Bethany College. She also likes to spend time doing church work. The next question was what your goal are. Her goals are to stay healthy and leave a legacy behind for her grand kids to remember her when she’s gone. The last question asked was what advice would you give to someone my age and her response was, sit down and think about what you really what out of life, set goals, make plans, and follow it.

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