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The aim of every company that sets out to commit its resources is to meet the set goals, which involves success and prosperity. Profit making in the company is the main concern and this is achieved through putting in place quite a number of strategies and working hard to accomplish them.

Supersharp plc is a company famous of manufacturing fine metal products and whose current owners want to relocate all of the manufacturing to Anshan city in North East China.  For the Human Resource to accomplish its decision of relocating its company in Anshan city in North East of China.  For the Human resource to accomplish its decision of relocating this company Anshan city, it has to meet several requirements that may include:-

  • Setting out its aim at making improvement in the living standards of people in China
  • It should also aim at improving the investment environment among the people.
  • It is required to support or lead to population at all cost.
  • The company should also not involve high-energy consumption and aim at maintaining high efficiency.
  • The super sharp PLC Company should also meet the requirement that all companies and other industries should enable to create economic as well as social development opportunities.
  • The Human Resource also has to recruit new working staff that will be competent in their work and will work towards realization of the success of the company.
  • The Human Resource should also hire several supervisors who will take the responsibility of training the manual labour and also participate in supervisory training.
  • Anshan city also has other metal products manufacturing companies.  This suggests that the Human Resource for Super sharp PLC require putting in place very strong strategies that will facilitate its operations to able to man well the challenging environment.
  • The Human Resource require to set and maintain top quality management of the company, maintain all the appropriate standards and ensuring that the new plant runs to Western Standards.  An action plan is very crucial when deciding to undertake anything.
  • In the first place, the Human Resource in Super sharp Company should make the necessary decisions based on facts and outcomes but not on just the need to relocate in Anshan.  Decision should be made on how much expenses the Company will incur during the whole process of transferring from its current location to Anshan City.  Comparisons on cheap and accessible availability of means of transport should also be done and decisions made on which are to adopt.  For example Anshan City does not have an Airport, something which may lead to difficulties in exporting their products to overseas.
  • Secondly, strategies should be laid down by the Human Resource with expatriate advisors whereby information about how to control and manage the company in the new environment is achieved.  The expatriate advisors will give recommendation on how to control costs of products and the overall lost management, how to motivate the workers so as to achieve improvement and take the lead in the market.
  • Thirdly, Human Resource for the Supersharp Company should seek to formulate new policies for the growth of the company. These policies should favour the needs of the entire community of the company, stretching from the working staff to the managers. Favorable policies will create a conducive working environment for the workers and their motivation will be improved, something that will lead to tremendous growth of the company.

Since there are no many experts in Anstan, the HR for supersharp company should be vigilant in seeking for more expatriate advises from the neighboring cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

The HR should finally make a move in the new city and plan for settling. All the necessary factors should have been put in place like considering the potentiality of buying among the customers as well as the potential of the neighboring companies.

The issues of resourcing and rewarding are very crucial far as prosperity of any company is targeted. These issues when well addressed leads to good relationships among the entire community of the supersharp company and this will definitely trigger the success of the company.  Rewards as well as reinforcements should be given to the workers to boost their working morale. Rewards may include giving promotions to the workers basing on the efforts of the workers, offering incentives to the workers as well as giving off duties to those workers who contribute a lot to the success of the company by contributing more output to the company.


Generally, the decision of relocating supersharp company is a nice one it should be supplemented by many reasons that should reveal that there is a possibility of the company in making more profits and succeeding fast that it can in its present location. It should put into consideration all factors that can lead to its success.


Guite, T,( 1999p.100-123). Strategic Human Resource Management. 3rd Ed. Macmillan Publishers .London.

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