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First, select the sport of you choice, then select Rules below it. Write a paragraph discussing the similarities and differences of the Special Olympics sport you chose compared to the traditional rules of the sport. Then think of another favorite sport and develop your own strategies for including people of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Your entire essay should be comprised of three or more paragraphs. The sport of my choice was bowling. While reading the rules for the Special Olympics sport and the traditional way, I noticed that equipment is very different. For the Special Olympics bowling ball MUST have a serial number and if it’s no longer identified, then it CANNOT be used for the game. Compared to the traditional all that is needed from the bowling ball is two or three finger holes; most bowlers use the three-holed ball, inserting the two middle fingers and the thumb into the holes. Bowling shoes must be worn during bowling for the safety of the athletes. Also, if ordinary shoes are worn they could damage the bowling lanes. Special Olympics Bowlers play with at least 15 games while traditional is about 10 no more than 12. As you can see, there’s a big difference from Special Olympics to Traditional.

Another sport that everyone can be included of diverse backgrounds and abilities is Wheelchair basketball. Not only is wheelchair basket only for those who have different disabilities but can be for anyone and everyone. Wheelchair basketball is one of the most popular disability sports and is played by both boys and girls. It’s played on a standard basketball court with a standard 10-foot hoop. Most of the rules and scoring are the same as basketball but some have been adjusted to take into account that the players are in wheelchairs rather than standing. Wheelchair basketball can be as fast-paced and exciting as the original version and everyone can join all is needed is a wheelchair. As seen in movies, TV shows, and videos people from every kind of race.

Wheelchair Basketball shows equal prospect in the programs and services it provides. As a sport for the restricted it promotes equality access. It aims to assist in the elimination of discriminatory practices and conditions for people with disabilities by Wheelchair Basketball. It shows an opportunity to formalize and ensure ongoing development of the current practices to improve the inclusiveness. Also, it’s an opportunity for those who are fortunate and don’t necessarily know how it feels to be able to join and try something out of the ordinary with a group of amazing people.

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