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Essay based on Schindler’s lists movie Essay Sample

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Essay based on Schindler’s lists movie Essay Sample

Being one of the brightest examples in modern cinematography Schindler list worthily still occupying top positions in film ratings. Story depicting tragedy the holocaust is tragic and painful. It touched thousands of the Jewish families all around the world, being dark spot in world’s history. Emotional covering of text transfer viewer in those dark times. It enables to feel that atmosphere of horror and death. It is impossible to watch the film without tears running down your cheeks and have shivers running up and down your spine. Directed by Steven Spielberg Oskar Schindler list have gained acknowledgment of all movie critics. The film has wide problematics. A variety of plot lines of list of Schindler can not leave people aside. Every time you approach sense from the different angle, you still find a new aspect that you have not noticed before. Thanks to many-sided picture film earned an excellent reputation. The constant dynamism of main character Oscar Schindler holds the attention of a viewer throughout the whole movie.

There are several plotlines in film. Development of events show various traits and sides of main character’s personality. Oscar Schindler arrives in Kraków with aim to launch his own business and first ideological line is visible at the beginning of film. Initially, Schindler worries whether he will be able to make a fortune there. However, later there is the scene where Oskar Schindler appears amid representatives of upper-class society. He spends significant sums of money trying to gain support of local governors. Finally, character manages to do it and receives permission to open his production. The motive of American dream is traced here. Main hero quickly achieves the aim using thanks to adaptability and influential tights. We see the character full of magnetism aiming to gain easy money.

Another plotline is directed on softening of crimes committed by the Nazi soldiers when the picture shows that not all of them were severe and bloodthirsty. Those criminals are depicted as people who were beyond understanding of what they were doing. The events are developing, and Schindler meets Stern – the Jew Schindler knows for some time. He berths him a position of accountant and it is clear from Stern that Schindler has great plans and accountant is just a cog in the machine. Next goes scene when known in the history Schindler list was written. Oskar Schindler efforts to become rich drove him to the idea to hire Jewish people as a free working labor. He compiles the list. There were people who have fake documents to be able to work for main character. In church, Oskar Schindler meets the Jewish person, who later helped him to gather the money from wealthy Jews.

He manages to build factory and hires people of different ages. Schindler knows the fact that not all of them are efficient and useful. Among Schindler oldest workers, there is old man without one hand; unfortunately, Nazi soldiers kill him, ignoring fact that he is the needed worker. Main hero was sad about that but did not show that.
All the above mentioned demonstrates the fact that the main character has gained the fortune on convict labor. Here hero’s image is dubious and the dynamism of hero’s personality is visible. On the one hand, he was not helping the Jews to save their lives, as it was just a profitable way to gain money. On the other side, it can be traced that he feels sorry every time the people die. Between Oskar Schindler and his inferiors appears the connection.

The final scene of the film demonstrates the fact that not always money and status can prove your happy life. Under influence of circumstances, course of war changes and Soviet soldiers occupy city. All Jews get freedom until Nazi soldiers are being killed and arrested. The main hero flees the country and counties his life somewhere else. The end of the film depicts the scene when all the saved Jews and their future generations are visiting Schindler grave and putting stones there. It was the science of honor and gratitude. It is the most powerful scene of movie showing tragedy of Holocaust and millions of disabled souls that will never find peace.

Schindlers list directed by Steven Spielberg is a masterpiece of world’s cinematography. It is a powerful weapon able to hit hearts of all humankind. A real history about Schindler list became core idea for plot of movie. Director managed to combine all facts from past and present. He created a real treasure of filmography. A variety of plotline and dynamism of central character make it a piece of art that worth attention of every viewer. The tragedy of holocaust is skillfully framed. It was screened to remind people how cruel they could be and how important it is to respect rights for life of others.


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