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Intelligence Essays

When intelligence is (dys)functional for achieving sales performance

The present article was taken from the Journal of Marketing. The general purpose of the Journal of Marketing is to provide information about the recent needs and trends in marketing. The journal specifically deals with new techniques utilized for solving marketing problems, reporting of research that could aid in reviewing …

Emotional Intelligence and Sales Performance

The concept of emotion as a relevant factor in any profound field of study is not sufficiently exploited. However, emotion is slowly beginning to get noticed by researchers and scholars, particularly in the field of sales management and developmental psychology. In sales management, attention is being directed towards the development …

The role of emotions in workplace

Q1. The role of emotions in workplace. Do you think we can separate them from the workplace? Discuss. Ans. The modern workplace is often assumed to be a strict work place where there is no place for the experience and expression of emotions. However, in reality, emotions play a very …

Intelligent System

Part – A 1. There are well-known classes of problems that are intractably difficult for computers, and other classes that are provably undecidable. Does this mean AI is impossible? (2) No, it means that AI systems should avoid trying to solve intractable problems. Usually this means they can only approximate …

Business Intelligence as a Tool in the It Industry

Organizations are constantly faced with the pressures of the staying power and to always stay ahead of their competitors and whether to continue with the way they operate or to try some new ideas as technology is always evolving; and managers always need to make these decisions. Business Intelligence can …

Temperament and Negotiation

Different people have different personality and negotiating styles. Negotiating style varies according to the temperament of the person involved and how he copes with different situations. There are four types of temperaments: (1) sanguine; (2) choleric; (3) melancholic; and (4) phlegmatic. Each kind of temperament possessing different kinds of characteristics …

Artificial Intelligence vs. Pinocchio

In Steven Spielberg’s movie, Artificial Intelligence, we are introduced to a young boy named David who is taken in by a couple, Monica and Henry. However, David is not your average eight year old boy, he is a robot that was made for people like Monica and Henry who needed …

Online Test For Cognitive Or Intelligence Tests

Online tests for cognitive or mental improvement purposes are actually made to help analyze a person’s behavioral capabilities and limitations as an individual. Likely, the said tests are created to make assessments on a person’s real behavior. With the presented test in the following site [http://www.essaywriters.net/sys/index.php?rate=20&order=143033], intelligence and emotional stability …

Competitive Intelligence Gathering and Ethics in Entrepreneurship

1.Is gathering competitive intelligence unethical? Explain. I believe that gathering competitive intelligence is both necessary and ethical. The question of ethics comes into play based on methods or tactics used to gather said information. I believe that use of publicly available information such as government records and filings, advertisements, and …

Artificial Intelligence by: Biswanil Bose

This paper is the introduction to Artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is exhibited by artificial entity, a system is generally assumed to be a computer. AI systems are now in routine use in economics, medicine, engineering and the military, as well as being built into many common home computer software …

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