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Essential Skill Identified For Sport Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Task – identify progressive practises, which would help improve the essential skill identified for your sport.

Step 1.

* When you approach the ball you need to be at an angle of about 30 degrees so that you have room to swing your kicking leg through.

* Position your non-kicking foot close to the side of the ball use your arms for balance and keep your head still and eyes on the ball the ball at all times so you do not pass a bad pass to a teammate.

This picture shows the none kicking foot (left foot) at the side of the ball as I have pointed out and it also shows the kicking foot (left foot) to follow though and kick the ball.

Step Two.

* Keeping your ankle firm and solid, bring your kicking foot through, striking the centre of the ball with the side of the foot. This enables you to keep the ball low and on the ground so it easier for a teammate to control the ball.

* You should try and aim to make contact with the centre or above of the ball.

* This section involves the skill being performed. This skill does not have to be performed successfully but if it is performed then it can be evaluated.

This picture is showing the player passing the ball with a good technique and with passing foot going straight through the middle of the ball.

Step Three.

* The weight you put on the pass is very critical.

* Follow through with the kicking leg to increase power or do not follow through as much if you do not want to put a lot of power on the ball, but the weight of the pass will be dependent on the distance away your team-mate and the opposition are.

* You will become increasingly better at judging this the more you play so passing will become easier the more practise and the more you play in competition situations.

* For me to recovery I need to go back to my original starting position. I will need to go back to stand in an upright position with my non-kicking foot next to the ball ready to repeat the skill.


p style="text-align: justify;">The picture is showing the follow through as the ball has been passed

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to a teammate.

Progressive Practises

This practise is mainly for beginners

Passing drills Place cones about 5 feet away from you. The cones should be about one foot apart. Try kicking the ball to the cones. Once you have done that move farther back. Now keep going back and back kicking it to the cones.

This activity practises your skill to be able to pass a ball accurately into a small target. Here is a diagram of the exercise.

This practise is for beginners to intermediate athletes.

This is a simple give and go. Defender C is in between the 2 offensive players (Player A and Player B). Defender C is on Player A. Player A passes it to player B so the defender goes to Player B But before the defender can do that Player B passes the ball to Player A. (black is where the ball goes and the red arrow is player A moving)

More accurate passing

Accurate passes are an essential. So for maximum accurate passing percentage hit at the 2 spot as shown in the picture. Practice makes perfect so do things like hitting against a barn with a marker on it and stuff like that.

* Also you can aim at a small target on a wall or a very small goal from a distance. You should start off with a target of 2 meters by 2 meters from 10 yards. Then after you have mastered this practise you should increase the distance that you aim at, you should then increase the distance by 5 yards after you have mastered each distance until you get to 25 yards.

* Next you could try out with a smaller target, make your target at 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres. Like last time start off with a starting distance of 5 yards, this time spend more time before you progress to 10 yards this is because you are aiming at a smaller target. Then you can progress to a further distance by 5 yards to 15 yards. Here is a diagram showing you how this can be set out.

This practise is for beginners to intermediate athletes.

Passing – Hitting Target Men


1. Small-Sided field 30 x 40 yards.

2. 2 teams.

3. Full size goals.

4. Supply of balls.

5. Cones.

6. Corner Flags.

7. 2 sets of bibs.

Coaching Points

1. Small-sided game with 2 target men placed on each end line.

2. Team must play and receive the ball off the target man before scoring.

3. Rotate target men frequently

This practise will improve you ability to produce short passes and also to move around and receive the ball back.

The following practise is only for advanced athletes

Passing – 3 v 3


1. 4 teams of 3.

2. Area 20 x 20 yards.

3. 4 different coloured bibs.

4. Supply of balls.

5. Cones.

6. 4 sets of bibs

Coaching Points

1. 3 v 3 in the grid with the other players

around the outside of the grid.


1. First team 10 consecutive passes wins.

2. Winners stay inside.

3. Next 3 come on.

4. Players outside have 1 touch.


These are the following resources that I have used to help me with my assignment

* AS level notes

* GCSE notes

* www.soccerclinics.com

* www.thefa.com

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