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A young man meets a wonderful girl in his senior year in college. He believes this is the one that he might marry in the future. He is deeply in love with her. He has a problem. After leaving the constraints of parental authority at home, he went wild as a party animal at college. He was very sexually active in his freshman and sophomore years at college. During that time, he caught genital herpes.

Discuss the following case in terms of the virtues non-malfeasance and honesty. In this case when it comes to making any sort of judgment it is only valid in relation to one’s culture. The moral frame work is only on the basis of moral principles and rule established by one’s culture. In following the proper principles and being ethical show that you have good character. This young man has chosen throughout his college life for the desire of sex that was unhealthy and harmful. He has chosen to necessity make the best of a difficult situation to seek happiness. This has driven him to excess and deficit that lead to the opposite of virtue. In the sister case a person can do the right thing in a situation without necessarily being a good person or cultivation good character. Accordance to the rule and principles of moral she is prone to do what is right. There are a natural link between brother and sister that they prone to keep a close relationship. This young man ought to support and practice safe sex, therefore this young man ought to practice safe sex until he has married.

He should also reason with his girlfriend and show some ethic toward their relationship. In the case of the girlfriend not knowing the secret it’s showing the girlfriend that the young man is not to being honesty to her. If the girlfriend find out the secret she should take into consideration and relevant the factors before she act on the situation. She need to careful exercise of reason to find out why it was a secret. The sister has chosen good character by being concern on the health of someone else. The sister should explain to the brother how she feels about the secret. Let him know it will be his responsibility to show some courage that requires him to avoid extreme of cowardice or foolishness act and let her know the secret. I think how each person in the case should handle this situation in a virtue way. To live a virtue lifestyle one has to make virtuous habit that lead to good character that is reasonable to help balances their life. In my opinion yes virtues and moral values can conflict with each other.

Moral provides the set of meanings through which they understand their experience make judgments about what is valuable and important. People from different social worlds acting according to different moral will cause a conflict. when the two parties do not share norms of communication. I do also think malfeasance and honesty conflict with each other also. In The new development the sister learns that her brother has decided not to tell his girlfriend until much later if they become serious and he has an outbreak. He also asks his sister to promise to keep his secret. I think virtue is not in play because he was not honest with the girlfriend. He chosen fear to overcome him and stop him from being honest with her. If he chose to have sex with her it can harm her.

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