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I) Environmental Problem
Foxconn have been criticized by Chinese non-profitmaking environmental organizations for toxic water pollution. According to the news on 5 August 2013, the environment groups found that Foxconn’s factories have discharged water in black-green color and a chemical odor into the Huangcangjing and Hanputang rivers, which supplies Shanghai drinking water. It may have a serious impact on the nearby marine ecosystem and human will also be suffered from the water pollution finally. As a huge manufacturing company, discharging industrial waste improperly can cause enormous consequences to the environment. Foxconn discharges the industrial waste water improperly since it can save the cost of sewage treatment which can be a considerable cost of the company. Also, it is very convenient to discharge waste chemicals to the nearby rivers. Although discharging the waste water may not cause legal consequence for Foxconn in China, the management should consider whether the decisions they made are ethical and responsible to their stakeholders.

II) Working Condition
Apart from environmental aspect, Foxconn have been censured on exploitation of workers. In 2010, 13 workers of Foxconn committed suicide in their plants and it has drawn people attention on Foxconn’s working condition. It was found that Foxconn adopts military-style management. For example, workers are required to live in dormitories and are organized in platoons in briefings during changing shift, just like the military. During the working processes, workers have limited time for going to toilet, do not allow talking with others, and complete a single action for countless times. After working in the production line, workers are only allowed to enter their assigned crowed rooms with electronic badges and have lots of restriction. Foxconn’s factories have been regarded as “Sweatshops” by the social media.

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