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Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice Essay Sample

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Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice Essay Sample

The purpose of ethical guidelines for statistical practice is to encourage ethical and effective statistical work in a morally conducive work environment. They are also intended to help statistics practitioners to make and communicate ethical decisions and also assist students in learning to perform statistical work responsibly.

Clients, employers, researchers, policymakers, journalists, and the general public decide whether statistical practice is conducted in accordance with these guidelines or not. Students are encouraged to use these guidelines regardless of whether their target professionally will be statistical or not.

Employers’ attorneys and other clients have the power to provide a moral environment that fosters the use ethical guidelines. The public uses the statistics in medical diagnoses and biomedical research to know whether an individual lives or dies, whether their health is in danger and whether medical science advances or loses direction

Early control and detection of new infectious diseases depends solely on epidemiological statistics.

Scientific and engineering research requires a careful design and analysis to an extent that uncertainty and measurement error are involved since they are in most research design.. Data quality management, analysis and interpretation are dependent on statistical concepts and methods to be used.

The public benefits from statistical practitioners since they are obliged to:

  • Conduct the social value of their work and the consequences of how well or poor they perform it i.e. respect life, liberty, dignity and property for others.
  • Preserve data in a responsible way to protect the safety and confidentiality of any human being or organization involved.
  • Maintain and upgrade competency of their work.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulation applicable

Scientists and engineers also benefit from statistical practitioner since they are obliged to:

  • Conduct their work in a way that does not distort statistical work towards predetermined results.
  • Use statistics as a science.
  • Maintain and upgrade competency of their work.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulation applicable.

However, scientists are affected by the following demerits as a result of exposure to good professional citizenship.

  • Exposure of dishonesty and incompetence use of statistics.
  • Support of statistical practice when it is unfairly criticized.
  • Service of ones profession as a statistical editor, reviewer or officials an active participant in ethical review panel hence compromising his credibility.

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