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In this paper the author will explain his point of view from the simulation. He will discuss the decisions made in the simulation. He will describe his perspectives and lenses found in the simulation. And finally he will discuss concepts that relate to his situations on the job. The lab got behind on a few projects and did not finish testing a particular product until it was sent out to stores. When the lab did tests, they found a contaminate in the product. All samples tested 100% positive for GBS-F. This impurity was found in one of the ingredients used to make this product. Only one third of the total product did not test positive. The contaminated product was reported as well under the levels required by the Food and Drug Administration. The company found out that the risk of reaction in healthy adults was extremely low. People with compromised immune systems are at a slightly elevated risk than healthy adults, especially with continued use. The overall risk of the contaminate being in the drug is low. The biggest problem is finding out how much of the product is contaminated with GBS-F. Results from the lab show that all of the batch may be contaminated.

The first step is to find out what the problem is. Second, I will figure out what the issue is that I am facing. I will need to break down the problem into small parts so that I can analyze the problem clearly. Then I need to frame the issue. Next, I ask the first question. I will try not to ask the wrong questions. I will watch out for false issues. I won’t worry about unimportant issues. If I have more than one issue, I will solve each issue one at a time. The most important issue will be the first issue to address. I won’t worry about my own reputation being compromised. This may lead me to taking the easy way out of the issue. Focus on more than one option. The process is still early and jumping to a conclusion could lead to making a wrong decision. Look for the core issue in order to solve the problem. Correctly identifying the underlying problem is the main objective. My ultimate goal was to take an action that would solve or at least address the issue. An ethical lens will provide different perspectives on what constitutes an ethical decision. By looking at the situation from different perspectives, it will give the situation a better look.

This helps with decision making. Rights and responsibility lens is considered deontological. It is duty based and follows ethical standards of action. The relationship lens is considered to be justice based. The results lens is considered to be utilitarian based. This action is when someone creates the best that they can for everyone. Reputation lens has virtue theories. This lens looks at a person as a good person having good character. In this issue, all four of the lens was helpful in making a good decision. Utilitarian and Deontological are the two main lens used in making a sound decision. The perspectives mentioned were significantly helpful. When looking at the ethical issue using the rights and responsibility lens, it is easy to see that this company has a responsibility to inform the public of the potential dangers of the product that was sent out for sale. The relationship lens was not too helpful in my findings. I felt that the company could have made changes without ever having to worry about putting the company’s reputation on the line. The company’s reputation is at stake here. If nothing is done to prevent this product from getting into the wrong hands, the company and its reputation could be tarnished forever.

The results lens played a major part in decision making. This requires making a sound decision that would be beneficial not only to all of the potential customers, but also to the employees who may lose their jobs because of the company shutting down after countless lawsuits. The situation in the simulation is similar to an incident on my job. My company had oil that was going off of the shelf because the additives in it burned away too fast. This caused all of the other additives to break down faster than normal. People had been coming into the shop saying that their car was knocking and smoking. After numerous visits from customers, the company finally decided to remove the product from all of the stores. One District Manager came up with another idea for the product.

He wanted to mix the bad product in with the new product. I felt that it was terribly wrong to do that and told them that I wanted no part in that. I was told to keep my mouth shut because we would be saving labor and if we won labor percentages we could get a bonus of 25.00 at the end of the month. In conclusion, I explained ethical issues, decision making steps, and lens. I talked about my influences on management decision making. And finally, I discussed how concepts from the simulation related to situations in my workplace.

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