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My personal ethical lens is rights and responsibilities and relationship lens. This indicates that I use my reasoning skills to determine both the universal rules that each person should follow and the processes that will assure fairness and justice for all in the community. My strength is to know what to do and do it. Once it is said that I will do something or care for someone, that is what I do. Loyalty and consistency is valued. My weakness is the risk of being an autocratic. An autocratic is a person that has everyone do it their way and does not negotiate ro change it once their mind is made up. According to the ethical lens inventory the belief that motive justifies methods or overconfidence in process is my blind spot. The process is trusted too much even though the outcome is not promised to be what it should be. It states sometimes I am so focused on the good motive that I don’t see the problems with the method, causing unintentional upset and pain. Ethical lens inventory states that temperance and justice is my classic values. This means that I value individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as you seek to satisfy my duties.

I value the social balance achieved through loyalty and consistency in dealings among members of the community, especially those without power. The definition of ethical behavior is fulfilling duties fairly. Defined as an ethical person as one who fulfills their duties and does the right thing as fully-responsible adult. Everyone in the community is given the chance to succeed, especially those without power. My personal ethical lens may direct my academic behavior into the positives. If all is true as the ethical lens states then when I set my mind to a project, being the discussion questions or an assignment, I fulfill those tasks. Doing this will get everything in on time. My ethical lens influences my critical thinking knowing that I have to think things through, I ask questions when need be.

No matter if it is higher authority, coworker or a friend. I do what is right rather than wrong. Even if it takes shorter time doing what is wrong. Someone’s personal bias and emotions influences their critical thinking in many ways. Critical thinking allows us to listen to our emotions, without being controlled by them. “Gut feeling” and intuition are often valuable in our decision-making process. Critical thinkers do not suppress their feelings nor are they overly influenced by them. Critical thinking provides a way for us to sort through our feelings and emotions to evaluate and identify those most appropriate in any given situation.

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