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Due date: April 9th 2015 (you may submit earlier if you wish) Requirement: You are supposed to contact your local engineering society (Qatar Society of Engineers) or international engineering society and obtain their Rules and Regulations on Engineering Ethics and Professionalism. This should be quoted in your essay. Question 1

Engineers are often entrusted with the responsibility of implementing large-scale projects involving millions of dollars. In view of the large amount of money changing hands, the integrity and ethical standards of engineers are being put to test. What measures can an engineer take to prevent corruption and unethical practice of cutting corners in order to safeguard the good image of the engineering profession?

Question 2
Recent years have seen increased national and international Protocols and Regulations and national Acts and Legislation on the control of many forms of pollution. Discuss the needs and consequences of observing these regulations with special reference to the particular industry you are involved in. Question 3

In a turnkey project, the turnkey contractor requested you as a consultant to put up irregular (i.e. nonconforming to current engineering practice) proposals to maximize profits from the project. Discuss the key points that you must address so as not to compromise on your professional ethics. Question 4

You are assigned by your employer to prospect an area for an extractable material. However, in the course of your work, you discover no such object material but some other valuable material which your employer is not interested. On the other hand, the information which you have is of great importance to another company.

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