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Ethics in Construction Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In light of the contractor’s numerous suggestions for changes to the project, is the owner somewhat justified in seeking additional offers?
Yes, the owner has the right to seek additional offers, but should not be allowed to use the ideas of the contractor who had already won the bid if they decide to go with another offer. b. Is it premature for a contractor to offer price-cutting suggestions prior to signing a contract? Why or why not?

Yes, I find it premature for the contractor to offer the suggestions before signing a contract because just like in this senerio, the contracter basically gave them ideas to

lower the cost and now the owner is looking for a deal even cheaper than the one presented. It’s a

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cut throat world out there may the best bidder bid, never tell your secrets until you sign the deal. c. Do you believe the owner has put the contractor at an unfair disadvantage by soliciting new offers? If so, what can/should be done to “make things right?” Yes, because now that he has found short cuts and had the upper hand durning the bid now that the owner has new offers they could be even lower, what the owner can do is combine both contactors. d. Is the owner right in requesting bids from an additional three contractors? What if the original bids were publicly opened?

Yes, the owner has that right to request bids from the other contractors, mainly it’s the owners project and he/she can choose to go with whom they prefer but when the bis is closed I think it is unfair to allow other bidders after the fact, but if the bid is publicly opened then the choice is the owners. e. What if the owner incorporates the original low bidder’s ideas in the rebid? The owner would have to allow the contractor the chance at a rebid.

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