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Physicians and counselors are trained to handle the psychological aspect of their patient’s. This is done so that they can provide their patients the proper guidance and understanding as to direct them in their care plan. An effective physician-patient relationship is essential to the success of the health care system, and communication is the key to determining the best fit for the patient.

According to Ezekial and Emmanual, there are four models of interaction in physician-patient relationships: paternalistic, informative, interpretative and deliberative. Because each patient must be reached according to his or her own unique sociological needs, the physician must work with the patient to determine which model will be most effective.

The interpretative model is the ideal type of physician-patient relationship. It is essential that patients are able to being able to trust and let out emotions, which are rarely considered or even allowed under the paternalistic model. The desire to let individual belief systems govern the pattern of care are essential in developing rapport and trust.

A patient must always be aware of room for improvement and the entire personality of a person is dying to know and identify as to which aspect in their entire personality needs to be addressed and improved, regardless of what stage in life they are in. Because of this, the deliberate model proves ineffective in managing the patient’s objectives. The need for quantitative changes in patient care is left out, as the patient is left only to think and feel, rather than measure success to expectations.

The gauge in being able to safely say that a patient is happy with the physician to whom he is able to expound on his hang-ups lies on the amount and level of trust that he has to his mentor. As a result, it is the duty of a physician to be able to gain the trust and assure their patients that they are merely there to help and provide advice when solicited. In doing this, the physician must go beyond merely providing technical information.

Physicians are trained to handle such situations, and the approach to which they will be carrying out such should be in line with the type of behavior and attitude that the patient possesses. A professional relationship should be stated clearly that such revelations are meant to help the entire mold of a person, and not to be something where it is just purely being shared for the purpose of going through the motions of the professional relationship.

The ideal interpretative relationship would thus rely on how comfortable and effective the physician-patient dialogues are. The physician plays the role of the counselor as the whole life experiences and stories of each person is shared and confided with extreme importance. People who choose to hide these things will not be able to move on and go over these issues and identify the ethical implications.

Ethics plays a significant role in determining the ideal model of patient care. However, getting the necessary feedback from people is something that will surely be a path in the right direction, since other overviews are something that will surely be welcome and helpful to be able to identify the proper practices from lackadaisical beliefs that may tamper the entire personality of a person when it comes to beliefs and principles.

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