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Ethnic or Communal Politics in Malaysia Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The results for the ethics awareness inventory that I took last week for class revealed that my ethical profile is most related to obligation and least related to equity. Being related mostly to obligation means that my ethical profile is based on a sense of duty to do what is correct or right. Being least related to equity means that my ethical profile is based on absolute standards of right and wrong rather than practical analysis. How this Applies to my Personal and Professional Life

In my professional and personal life I personally feel that obligation and a sense of duty to do what is correct or right fits me well. Since I work for a company that deals with national security and background investigations obligation is something that is required. In order to c

omplete a background investigation there are many steps that need to be completed. My job personally

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is to obtain records on the subject that are required to complete the investigation such as resident, education, employment records and law checks with police departments. In order to complete these records there are certain guidelines that must be met and followed. Therefore, the duty to do what is right and correct is expected. How my Education has Affected my Ethical Thinking

In m y opinion my education has affected my ethical thinking in many different ways some of which I did not even realize. Some of the most important ethics that I have are honesty, time management and respect. Throughout my education at the University of Phoenix there have been many times that these ethics have come up in conversation and I have had the chance to see my classmates points of view on each one. One way that I have used honesty, time management, and respect in my thinking, decision making and potential for conflict is while working in teams throughout my educational experience. It can be very challenging at times depending on others to complete assignments and there is always a potential for conflict when working with other personalities. Therefore honesty with team members about things that are going on to prevent work from being done, time management when completing assignments and respect of others opinions are all ethics I use when working in teams.

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