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Ethos pathos and logos Essay Sample

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Ethos pathos and logos Essay Sample

Before there was freedom of the press there was a tyranny that ruled over the world. After we gained independence from the tyrant we go freedoms and those freedoms have gotten infringed on. Freedom of the press in a free world is important and it should appeal us as a country. Press has allowed us to speak our minds without being censored but the government as a whole is starting to go on and oppress on newspapers and censoring them from what is the truth. The photo I am going off of has appealed to me through ethos, logos; pathos because it has my rights in it that we have no democracy without press because without it I feel most of country is left in the dark about subjects in government.

The political cartoon I am looking at as pathos in it because it shows that our rights as citizens of the United States of America is getting infringed upon by government organizations and we are not able to really talk about what we really want to talk about. If the government infringes on our rights for freedom of the press then what are they going to do next take away our right to vote or take away our freedom to bear arms. It angers me because our rights has been ever since our forefathers done the constitution of the United States of America. If we let in on our rights on the little things then we will be more submissive over time and we will not have any rights and it with be a dictatorship with big corporations controlling the government how they want it to be ran.

It appeals to logos because logically some things do need to be hidden like nuclear codes and other things of that nature. We do need some restrictions on things said because I want the press to be truthful and not over exaggerate to truth about something then it turn into a lie. We all have secrets and the government has them to that way logically having the press not able to put all things in the news is a good thing and it helps our country become more unified.

In the news and politics we have credibility to worry about and if the press is trying to discredit the political power of someone it starts hurting their reputation and decreases respect for that political figure. If the government tries to infringe on the rights of the press and saying they are wrong for what they are saying that hurts the credibility of the newspaper. If both of those have no credibility we all lose respect for press and also politics in the process we will not have respect for ourselves.

In the political cartoon it has people reading newspapers and one guy is trying to pass on the word that we have to democracy without press. It says we need to respect each newspaper and try to help get the government on board with the press.


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