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Introduction of TOPIC

Europe is a very well developed place and it’s very stable. There the infrastructure is very dependable. Infrastructure is the frameworks of a civilization it is connected to many different things. Infrastructure is important because it keeps everything in order and in one piece. For example Western Civilization was developed both by Infrastructure and diffusion of culture and religions. As you see infrastructure is important to living.

Infrastructure is the most important part of a civilization. It is so important because it is what holds together a civilization (frameworks of a civilization), what a civilization is made up of. It’s like the foundation of a house. Infrastructure is the base of the civilization. If there were no infrastructure there wouldn’t be any civilization. Some examples of infrastructure are roads, highways transportation systems, banks or hospitals. Some of the things I listed are institutional infrastructure-services you get, non-tangible also physical-tangible infrastructure. If you didn’t have those things the civilization would fall apart just like a house with no foundation. It would fall apart because people would have no house and not have anywhere to live, no roads to get where they wanted. Now institutional infrastructure is just as important as physical infrastructure. Institutional infrastructure has to do with schools, hospitals, libraries, banks, and food stores. If there were none of these things, people wouldn’t be educated at all, get sick and later die or just starve. If there were no infrastructure there wouldn’t be any civilizations. Infrastructure is what makes a civilization a civilization, its very important. Europe is a very well developed place. It has

many different ways of transportation like highways, waterways, railroads, and airline linkages. The

European Union (EU), which was created in 1993, helps create this good infrastructure.

Basically what the European Union does is the 27 countries in it work together to build a better economy. They work with eachother bouncing off ideas for building some nice ways of transportation. Take the Roman roads for example, were built a long time ago. These roads were built a long time ago but they were built really well so that today they are still used in transportation. The Roman roads are key to having good roads in Europe because the Europeans already have a base (the Roman roads). All the Europeans need to do was fix them up and it was easier to develop better roads faster. The saying “All roads lead to Rome.” means that the extensive system of roads allowed people to trade goods throughout the empire. As technology got more advanced they started building a railroad network which they used many parts of the Roman roads to building the network. The physical geography of Europe was helpful for transportation because it has lots of waterways already there for example the Danube River and the Rhine River were waterways already there. The Roman roads in Europe made the roads more advanced, the physical geography helped out on waterways, and the European Union affects how goods transportation is today. All these things also helped on the development of Western civilization.

Trade affected the development of Western civilization greatly. The more you trade the different cultures and you are able to experience different things. Western civilization started in Europe and spread to other places it’s cultural diffusion. That is also a main part of how western civilization developed. When people traded with other places they spread their culture. For example if someone went to trade with a place on the other side of the world and they traded differently from you. If you think it was a good way you could add it to your culture. If they added it with there culture and they kept adding different things to it they would eventually have a new culture. That’s how trade affected western civilization.

Infrastructure, transportation, and the developed of western civilization are all connected. Transportation has to do with developing western civilization. Infrastructure has to do with civilization because it’s what make it up. Western civilization has to do with infrastructure because infrastructure is essential in a civilization. All of these things are key to Europe and the development of Western civilization.a

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