Evaluating Media for Credibility Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Watch two current television news programs on the same day and compare them—some examples are Fox News, MSNBC, 60 Minutes, and CNN. Take note of differences in the stories that were covered, the amount of air time devoted to the major stories, and the bias or slant used when presenting a controversial story.

Write a 300- to 700-word response addressing the following:
Include details on the channel watched, the time of the broadcast, and the date. Which news program did you feel was the most credible? Why?
What characteristics influenced your decision about the programs’ credibility?

Post your assignment as an attachment.

Two news programs that were watched:
NBC Dateline – Channel 4
May 25, 2012, 9:00pm to 10:00pm
Death of a Golden Girl

CBS Evening News – Channel 2
May 25, 2012 11:00pm – 11:30pm

On NBC Dateline, which aired on Friday, May 25 at 9 o’clock, I enjoy watching as they tend to dedicate their show to a single event that is being covered. In all honesty I originally wanted to watch Tuesday’s show but it was the 20th anniversary episode of NBC Dateline in which they were showing clips of some of their most prominent stories that they had covered. Friday night’s episode was about a blond woman, Paula Slad

ewski who was murdered South Beach Miami on New Year’s in 2010. A woman who had her life a head of

her, who liked to party but didn’t know when to stop. The story was called “Death of a Golden Girl” The other news program was the CBS evening news which airs at 11:00pm but covers local and worldwide news coverage. Airing this evening, the news covered Etan Patz murderer who may get 25 years to life and was only found because his own family turned him, Facebook and the NASDQ issues which cause multiple companies to lose millions of dollars due to the NASDAQ technical difficulties during Facebook’s IPO.

Global news covered Iran’s possibility of being nuclear ready for possible war and how this may cause issues with Israel and how the United States would join Israel if war does break out. If I had to choose which news program was more credible Ii would have to say NBC Dateline. Reason for this is the program covers an individual story for an hour against the CBS News that covers a story for a couple of minutes as it attempts to place a lot of information in a small span of time. This isn’t to say that CBS News isn’t credible, but Dateline goes in depth with interviewing people that were involved with what had happened as well as the length of time allowed more information.

I believe that having more time to produce factual information would be better as well as allow the viewer more time to understand all the facts. Also Dateline shows many expert witnesses against what the evening news has interviews of people on the street, not people as experts in the field of the problems. I watch the evening news every night and believe some of the news to be credible but still need to use critical thinking of what some of the stories are and avoid becoming bias based on what the decisions of the media since the news program is bias to certain stories. I enjoy watching the both programs but again the stories of the news fit a lot of information and may at times emphasis one side of the story more than the other side because of being bias.

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