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When evaluating a source to use in a research project, a student should consider several criteria. Examining the date of publication of the chosen material is essential. While some information is timeless, critiques and criticisms will change and update frequently, and new developments in the chosen field of study are often not obtainable in a source more than ten years old. To be safe, the most current information will be the most reliable. Considering the author is also of utmost importance for a student researcher. The author of a chosen piece of work should be an expert in his or her field, and hold at minimum a Master’s degree in his or her area of study. Doctoral degrees are, of course, preferred. When searching the Internet for sources, many sources are unreliable. Anything ending in .com is questionable.

Websites ending in .edu or .org are often more reliable as they are usually affiliated with an organization that has some specialty in a certain area. If a student comes across billiejeansasthmasite.com, he should avoid researching here. Anyone can post anything to the Internet; therefore, Internet resources are not always reliable. There could be wrong, biased, or misleading information present.  It is vital to have correct, current, and unbiased information at your disposal when researching a topic for a paper. Misunderstanding or misrepresenting information could lead to a disastrous grade and a waste of time for the writer.

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