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John Nash is the main character in the film A Beautiful Mind. Nash suffers from extreme schizophrenia and this radically affects his relationships with everyone around him. His wife, Alicia, must deal with the brunt of this, even before his condition was realized she would not often see him due to the fact that his hallucinations would keep him away from home for hours. When his schizophrenia was discovered, matters

discovered, matters grew much worse, and thus was the inception of many years to come of intense emotional struggle. For months Alicia had to cope with watching her husband’s brutal treatment. Once released, he was put on a mental-suppressant that rendered him incapable of evaluating the realm of mathematic which he once had.

Along with this came unwillingness towards activity, an inability to help with their new born baby, and a drastically decreased sexual drive. All this over many months and eventually years weighed very heavily on Alicia who now had to work to support them. This was bluntly illustrated during a scene in which John is unwilling to provide comfort for her at night and admits that the drugs are the reason for such. She finally breaks and goes to the bathroom in a destructive rage, breaking many things and screaming in despair. Moreover, his spontaneous dysfunction in the work place and eventual absence cause the burden of schizophrenia to spread also to his coworkers.

The name of the John Nash’s physiatrist is Dr. Rosenberg. He is the one who diagnosing John’s condition as schizophrenia. This conclusion was based of exceedingly clear evidence. Perhaps the most notably and severe of his conditions were the hallucinations. He had imagined a roommate and his roommate’s niece. He had also imagined an entire reality for himself in which there were Russian coeds hidden in magazines and newspapers (seeing these codes and patterns was what hinted that he was hallucinating during the film). He also suffered from delusions, such as the magazine codes, and became obsessed with finding patterns in how pigeons moved and the like. The final clue was his odd way of speaking and his abnormal conversation

Overtime, his condition worsens significantly. In college it was a harmless roommate. However, 5 years later his hallucinations were significantly worse. He began imagining entire situations and whole groups of people. After his treatments proved useless, he began a mental battle to try and control such things, and over many years, John Nash finally has learned how to keep them at bay. His exact condition, however, is not that of a normal schizophrenia patient (his condition based of the movie, that it). Usually these people have odd ways of speech and thinking, this much is consistent, but John Nash’s extreme and potentially harmful hallucinations were far beyond the normal measures of schizophrenia. The average conditions are usually mild delusions more so than full out hallucinations.

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