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The evaluations you have to make refer to the ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ work covered in class. Task A In devising your piece of drama based on the ‘Arbeit Macht Frei ‘text, you used a variety of drama conventions: (Mask, Block, Blanket) Pick a minimum of 1 convention used in your performance and explain in detail * What the convention is? * How was it used in your drama? Give examples from your performance. * What it communicated

was it used in your drama? Give examples from your performance.

* What it communicated to the audience.

(You may wish to quote from the script when giving specific examples). (Script in shared area)

One of the challenging parts was the limited props we had. And that we had no choice but to use them. We had 2 white masks and a blanket, we as group would have preferred 1 mask and a blanket, but there was no choice. So in the end we decided to leave 1 character prop less. Jordanna was that character that was German and me and Ashley where the other two characters who were Jewish, we covered ourselves in that 1 blanket to show that we couldn’t afford warm enough clothes and wore that 2 masks showing that we clearly had a different race to the guard who guarded at the gate who was Jordanna.

Task B

In your opinion what was the most challenging parts of putting this play together when devising Arbeit Macht Frei?

In your answer

* Explain what was challenging and why?

* Give practical examples from the work.

* Finally explain what you could do next time to avoid these problem happening again

(N: B the more points made the higher the mark)

Possible suggestions

* Difficulty in devising (Understanding the script, using only the scripts dialogue, a poor decision made, working with the mask, block or blanket, working with a particular group member, using a particular technique etc)

One of the most challenging parts was working how we were going to put our lines together, and use them in a way that would be different to other groups and would work.

The lines were short, though the scene we had to create was long and a lot was going on. My group and I decided to use mime in most of the scene, and for the parts we did speak, we tried to include some repetition, so that we got the message across to the audience.

The other thing was the story line, of the scenes. Some of the group members (me) found tragic scenes difficult to act out. They look simple but when it comes to perform them, it is hard to stay in role. I personally think that tragic genres are one of the hardest genres to act in.

Finally; the group members that I presented with seemed to somehow ignore my suggestions and ideas without considering whether they would work or not. And the ideas that they did agree on they acted effortlessly while they were performing. But those not listening to me didn’t stop me from listening to them and performing to the best of my ability to in the character I played.

Task C

In your opinion what was the most successful moments in your own performance Arbeit Macht Frei work when performing to an audience?

In your answer

* Explain what and why something was successful

* Give practical examples from the work

Possible suggestions

* Success in performance (Playing a character in a believable way, using your voice, appropriate language, using movement, using spaces, blocking, facial expression, staging, creating an atmosphere/mood, concentration and energy

The most successful part of our performance I think was the scene of my characters (the Jewish child) death, The way Jordanna (the guard) shot me and Ashley (child 2) and run over to me. I think this part really was successful, my face was covered with a mask but I could hear the audience’s comments, they sounded sympathetic and it was a good reaction since the genre was tragic. We made this scene look believable with concentration and energy, we didn’t move much, since there was not much space, we were already spread out and using the space well; we thought moving would interfered with the staging. Each character had a mood they had to be in, and we paid attention to our moods making sure our movements and voices mach our defenceless, innocent and sad moods well.

Task D

Having devised and performed in the Arbeit Macht Frei presentation, write down a minimum of 1 target you are setting yourself, to improve your drama work in the future and how you are going to achieve it.

My target to improve my drama would be to learn how to take on a character that is completely different from to me. I have realised from all my previous work that I could achieve higher marks if I BE different characters. And play a variety of different characters e.g. from a young child to an OAP, from a rich man to a rich woman.

To achieve this target will practice and try to push myself to change the characters I always prefer to do and do others, explore and see how well I can act in other characters and different plays.

Task E

Do you think studying the theme of Oppression (people victimizing others) in drama has any relevance to you? If so, what is the relevance? All opinions must be justified.

(You can use further research in books, newspapers and the internet to support your opinions further. (You can attach any research material to your work).

I think Oppression was relevant. This is because it is something that happens in reality and affects a lot of people. Oppression is also hidden a lot to the public in reality and it’s good that there are ways (like in plays) that people can see that it exists and there are things they can do about it. Personally I think it’s a bad thing. Everyday people get hart because of it. Because it comes in so many different forms e.g. bulling, politics etc, it really is hard to avoid it.

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