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“Ruined” is a play about ruined women in a bar during the civil war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. The actress who plays Mama does a very good job. Her loud volume, high or low pitch, and voice qualities make a great contribution to her play. First her volume is loud that all of the audiences can hear her voice. The role she plays is called Mama who owns a bar. She needs a loud volume to get everybody’s attention in the bar. Her loudness makes her stronger and more powerful. When the husband sticks to find his wife in the bar, Mama yelled loudly to drive him away. Second, her pitch switches, which make her an avaricious bar owner, and also a tender mother. When she knows Sophie is a ruined girl who may have bad influence to her business, her pitch lifts very high in a sudden to show her astonishment and anger.

However, when she shares the chocolate with Sophie, her pitch is low which makes her like a tender mother. Third, her vocal qualities are different to meet the needs in different situations. When the lieutenant threats her by putting his gun under her throat, her voice is trembling and hoarse which shows her fear. She tells Christian that she is ruined with a tearful yelling, which conveys a message that she is deeply hurt. In conclusion, I think she is a wonderful player. The three aspects—loudness, different pitches and the voice qualities—make Mama a woman who has different aspects, and make her play successful.

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