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How does the Event management industry contribute to the economy, and at what cost does this come to the environment? Are large scale events doing enough to lessen pollution at the expense of their success?

Strengths and weaknesses of the Event Management industry in regards to economic value and environmental impacts. This essay will discuss the economic value that the event management industry brings to the revenue, and argue its environmental impacts on the local areas. It look at how two events within the past five years are helping to reduce these environmental impacts and explore whether or not they are doing enough to prevent pollution at the cost of their economic success. The event management industry has been around for centuries. It marks a cause for celebration and entertainment for a variety of reasons, often to relieve a ‘period of hard physical labor’ and the ‘essential feature of these events is the celebration or reaffirmation of community or culture’ regarding local and community events such as fayres, small festivals, work functions and religious ceremonies i.e Christmas and Halloween.

Larger scale events can be described as ‘variable with a religious or ritualistic aspect, with music, dance and drama being the main features of the celebration.’ For example, the Glastonbury festival has been a ‘ritualistic’ (periodic) event since 1970, taking place every year as a celebration of contemporary performing arts. However, large scale events are more often than not, linked to sporting events such as the modern Olympics which have also taken place periodically since 1870, every four years. Both the Olympic Games and Glastonbury festival are huge global events, with the Olympics taking place in a different country every four years. With Periodic events such as the Olympic Games and the Glastonbury festival, comes great economic success, both generate millions of pounds in revenue. The London Olympics 2012 generated over £13 billion in revenue, contributing huge success for local businesses such as the meal providers, accommodation providers and other businesses that work in close contact with the Olympics providers.

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