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The event car art will be a very exciting and fun event for the entire school. It will consist of our class buying/scavenging a junk vehicle and marketing it to the school. The actual goal is to get people to pay to draw on the car. The car will be painted white prior to the event so the students have a proper canvas. The students will pay a small amount and then draw on the car, the judges (teachers) will pick the best drawing and the winner shall receive a prize. The proceedings from the event will be donated to a cause whether it be cancer research or helping people in developing countries.

This event is interesting and different so students will want to take part in this. The vehicle will cost around $500 since it is junk; but we will get this money back from the students. The students in our class will be in charge of raising awareness, marketing and finding unique ways to get people interested which is one of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur. This can be done through announcements, advertisements or through word of mouth. Car Art will be fun for the students of our school and rewarding for the students of our class. This will have a greater cause, because we will be able to make a difference. We might not change the entire world, but we will make a difference to whoever we help.

Skill Set
I can advertise the event because I have knowledge on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, so I can contribute by making posters to spread awareness on the event. The most important factor is convincing people about the importance of this event. I can convince people as well through announcements. I can also supervise the event so it runs smoothly and nothing gets out of hand. I can also research scrap cars, to ensure we get a good deal. What we need

We need everyone to advocate for this event, this can not only be done by one single person. Everyone needs to create hype and convince the principle and vice principals to get in on it. We need people to paint the car white if it is already not white ( It probably will not be white already) We need people to actually demonstrate drawing on the car. We need a good artist in our class. We need people to arrange the time, date and location of this event to ensure we get the maximum turnout. We need to arrange all the supplies eg Markers

We need funding for the vehicle.
There needs to be judges who are older and can make rational decisions. Art teachers are preferred.

The success of this event depends on the efficiency and the ability of students to convince the school to take part in this event. This is equivalent to selling a product. This event will test the different skills of students and will give them a feel for becoming an entrepreneur. The money earned will greatly benefit many people.

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