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How many of you have ever heard of Ramadan and know what it’s? Many of you maybe heard of it but don’t know what the event is. Well, today we will discuss what Ramadan is, what to do during Ramadan and ways to avoid getting tempted by food. Body:

I.what is Ramadan?
A. it’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar
B. Prophet Mohamed started the Ramadan and making part of the Islamic ritual during 623 CE.
C. it’s an act of faith and worship toward Allah
D. it’s the fourth pillar of Islam
E. occurs once a year; 30 days
Now , that we talked about what Ramadan is and how it started, who is allowed to fast and who is not? II.Who is allowed to fast or not.

A. Allowed to fast ;
1. At the age of 15 and older.
2. Healthy enough to fast.
3. Enough faith to fast.

B. Not allowed to fast.
1. At the age of 14 and under.
2. Sick
3. Menstruation
4. Elders
5. Giving birth
So far, we have talked about who is able to fast and who is not but actually takes place during Ramadan?

III.During fasting;
A. From sunrise to sunset:
1. Food and water are prohibited.
B. Certain behaviors are not acceptable.
1. sexual intercourse
2. cursing
3. backbiting
4. watching movies
5. skipping prayers
6. listening to music
7. Disobeying your parents and elders

C. Acceptable behaviors
1. Reading the Quran
2. Accomplishing all prayers
3. Reading dua (another form of a prayer that includes asking God for things.)
4. Watch Islamic lectures
5. Being in the mosque most of the time
6. Hygiene
7. Give charity to the people that are in need

D. Ways to avoid getting tempted by food.
1. Make your mind busy
2. Don’t look at anything that resembles food
3. Take a long nap
Sometimes we know things are not what they seem. I have learned from experience that it takes time to understand things. So I hope you take your time in understanding what Ramadan is. Ramadan might seem pointless to others because they think that it’s not logical to go on a day without eating or drinking but Ramadan is all about sacrificing your hunger to the Al mighty. As result we talked about what Ramadan is, what to do and what to not do. I hope that you have a clue of what Ramadan is next time you come across a Muslim person that is fasting or you hear about it.

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