Every Coin Has Two Sides Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The atomics and nuclear was intended to solve energy shortage problems by generating electricity in 20th century; however, humans used to produce nuclear weapons. Additionally, the plastics was regarded as one of a most creative invention in 1862, but after centuries, white pollution has become a serious environmental issue. Internet, in the same way, was considered as the significant progress of information and technology revolution in human civilization. Whereas, today, internet has countless side effects such as virus and scam.

Reviewing the statistics of the internet crimes rate which hits records high especially during recent years, people have realized that internet is far more harmful than they expected. No one could deny that they had been the victims of the virus which can disseminate worldwide within minutes, as long as computer has internet access. Those evil virus fool around people’s computer in order to get high priority to access high confidential personal data such as photo, bank account, even password. Afterwards, hackers will sell those personal information to the fraudulent organizations. The fraudulent organizations often use online or telephone cheating which most time are untraceable. In the other word, internet, for being an accomplice, has promoted a number of internet scams and those criminals behind the internet have barely been caught. Most people had the experience that got a phone call which basically told them to remove all their money to a safety bank account since they were suspicious in money laundering. People might doubt “who are you?” and “Are you police?”, however, after those criminals told the exact personal information for example, home address, ID number, and credit history, 60% of people chose to trust them and sent money to the unknown account.

There is no way to stop the progress of technology and there is no perfect security system to block all the bugs. That is why people can always find a way to jailbreak their Iphone after updated; that is why Wiki Leak can get confidential document from government via internet; that is also why the Pirate Bay can still exist without being closed. Be caution is always the best policy.

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