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Within Shillington Under Fives we believe the children’s well being and resilience is very important. We give the children lots of touch and praise especially high fives. When the children carry something positive out we give them high fives for them to feel that they are being valued for what they are doing. We give the children high fives and wows for when they do something good. Wows are post stick notes where we write what they have carried out positive and they get to put it on the wow board for everybody to see.

This gives the children and young people a lot more self worth and a can do attitude. If we see a child doing something such as trying to put their shoe on, if the child says they can’t do it we encourage the children to show them that they can do and to keep on trying and they will succeed. We are always listening to the children and we take time out from what we are doing to listen to their views and opinions. Within my setting we say bye before the children and young people go home through a song. This is because it gives the children and young people a sense of belonging and ensures that they are feeling valued.

When we praise the children and young people within our setting I smile when I am proud of them and I make sure that the eye contact is consistent throughout. We give the children and young people lots of high fives and we clap our hands to say well done. We praise children and young people all the time for their positive work in which they carry out. Within my setting we also give out wow’s. Wow’s are post stick notes in which we write down the positive thing that they have carried out. They then stick it onto the wow board so all of the other people that come into the setting or who are in the setting can see it. We display the children and young people’s work within the setting and put up at least one piece of work from each child so they know their work is being valued. We tend to let the parent and carers know if their child has done something very good so the child or young person can see us telling their main carer how proud we are of them. This therefore boosts the child’s self esteem as well as their confidence alongside their self well being and resilience.

By promoting well being and resilience we encourage the children and young people to try out new activities within the settings. We invite them over to take part in the adult led activities at least twice a day. This gives the child and young people the opportunity to learn new experiences and carry new activities out. When we carry out activities with the children and young people we smile throughout to show them that we are positive with the work they are doing and that they are doing a good job. We support the children and young people in managing their own feelings when it becomes negative such as disappointment. As practitioners we can speak to the children and young people and explain to them that it is okay and we can try again to do it right. You don’t have to do it in the first go but to keep trying and you will succeed. Also to use lots of words and gestures to the children and young people and maybe hold their hand to show them that you are listening to them. For example; – you did very well well done, that bit was slippery why don’t we try again.

Within my setting we carry out activity day’s such as sports day or activities throughout the daily routine. When we carry these activities out we encourage the other children and young people to cheer on people to show the other children that the children and young people value the work in which they are putting in. It gives the children and young people a lot more confidence to realise they can do something with support from others.

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