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1) Visit the Web Site for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to learn more about this software’s features and capabilities. What features of this software would be especially attractive to a company like Evolution Homecare? The features of this CRM software that made this as an attractiveness to the company for Evolution Homecare was because of the back of office server stack, Microsoft outlook, financial stability, and net development platform.

2) Why do you think Evolution chose Microsoft as its CRM vendor? I believe the Evolution Homecare chose Microsoft as its CRM vendor because of the common look and feel of the software. Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer, you are familiar with Microsoft CRM’s user friendly interface. As most computer users already use and spend most of their day in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Internet Explorer, the acceptance level for their CRM solution greatly increases as they are not required to learn or use a third application that they have never seen before.

3) What benefits did Evolution realize by using the CRM software? How did the system improve decision making and operations? The benefits that Evolution realized while using CRM software is cost; if you decide to try and manage your CRM via a number of different software packages. For example, outlook, excel etc., it will generally prove less effective and more time consuming than using dedicated CRM software. The other benefits to the CRM software are having a highly targeted market, organizational cultural gains, and increased revenues and profitability. The system improve decision making and operations by having a better and timelier information and improved transaction throughput resulting from decreased cycle times.

4) If you were a patient, what benefits might you receive from this system? If I were patient with this CRM software the benefits that I would gain from this system would be reduced costs, having a great customer satisfaction and retention from the representative helping me answer all my necessary questions that I have asked them, and by helping me identify and eliminate the operational pain points of the CRM software.

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