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Examine the Buddhist Perspectives on the Nature of Life Essay Sample

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Examine the Buddhist Perspectives on the Nature of Life Essay Sample

Buddhism was found 25000 years ago in lumbrini by Siddartha Guatama. The nature of life refers to the essential characteristics of human life. Buddhism is a unique religion as has no God and can be seen to be a fairly pessimistic religion as life is characterized by suffering. Buddha saw the four sights which were an old man, a sick man, a dead man and a ascetic man, he for the first time saw life as negative, as the first three sights showed suffering, however the ascetic man showed the Buddha that there was hope to attain enlightenment which eventually leads to nibbana as the ultimate goal for Buddhists. The three marks of existence which examine the Buddhist nature of life are Dukkha this means suffering, Anicca which means impermanence and Anatta which means no fixed self.

Buddhists see everything as impermanent and in a state of flux and a quote from the Buddha is that ‘decay is inherent in all living things’. Rahula notices that many people see Buddhism as a pessimistic religion as it acknowledges suffering; however it in fact looks at ways to escape this suffering and makes us appreciate more the positive aspects of life. As absurdist’s believed humans spend most of their lives looking for something that cannot be found. The wheel of samsara is a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and aims to escape this cycle and reach nibbana which is a deathless state.

It is also essential that the 3 mental poisons which are greed, hatred, and dilution are removed/ There are 6 realms in the wheel of samsara, the human realm, the deva realm, the asuras realm, the petas realm, the animal realm and the hell realm and Harvey states that ‘ the human realm is the best realm for spiritual growth . Although Buddhism is characterized by suffering, life is precious and this is shown the five precepts (do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, do not perform sexual misconduct, do not drink alcohol) for example the precept ‘ do not murder’ shows that life should be treated with respect.

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