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It is my position that a firm’s mission statement must clearly state their objectives and what principles their firm stands on. The following three mission statement are examples of poorly written, if not thinly disguised objectives which could only hurt their image and/or make it unnecessarily difficult to get support, VC (venture capitol) funds, etc.


Company # 1:

The recruiter describes this company as one, which is about to launch a new men’s cologne called “Moment Of Spirit”. This company’s stated main mission is “to make profits”. It is clear from this statement that the main purpose is to ‘show me the money’!

I would re-word their mission statement to include their research into the perfume sciences. It would be beneficial to make others aware that their best people studied in England with some of the best perfume ‘houses’ including the Creed Company! It would also be good to explain how incredibly powerful the olfactory sense is in each of us, and how using different scents can create different moods. After establishing their credibility in the market, then the company can ‘tout’ the benefits of any man wearing ‘Moment Of Spirit” from now on. This will enhance a man’s life experiences and become the hottest cologne since “Aqua Velva”. Sales will go through the sky, and the profits can only follow.

This company is confident in its new product, has research to support its marketability and realizes that there is much profit to be made in the ‘perfume’ industry.

Company # 2:

This interviewer advised me that this company’s intention was to “create customers”. The company is an auto repair shop centrally located in a high-income area of a big city.

I would word their mission statement as follows: We are luxury car specialists who will fix your problem while you enjoy a luxurious wait time. We offer wireless Internet access in our well-appointed waiting room, international coffees, coffeecakes, cable TV and the latest movies on DVD as well as the current business journals. We make our waiting are as comfortable as your home, and our service professionals are always being trained in the latest technologies. Another perk is our loaner car and pick-up service. Every car is retuned to you freshly washed and ready to go. We guarantee our work and look forward to your referrals.

This company is critically aware of the competition in this service industry. They have proven that they are willing to ‘go the distance’ to offer all the perks thereby gaining a large market share.

Company # 3:

This time I’m told that a company is interested in an altruistic endeavor. They want to “fight world hunger”.

This is a very admirable if daunting project. We call ourselves “The Daily Bread”, and we want to ensure a way to end world hunger. Surely a lot of this country’s surplus goes to waste, and we are sure the same is occurring in other prosperous countries. We will ask, beg, and cajole anyone and everyone to help put an end to this unacceptable problem. Let’s ask one of the major airlines to be willing to fly foodstuffs free of charge to countries where people are starving. How about donating surplus non-perishables to this airline, freighter or other carrier willing to step up to the plate. Also distribution of the food must be policed somehow to prevent mayhem when starving people are looking at food for the first time in a long time. The CEO’s of all these helpers will agree to forego all of their usual remuneration for such services. We can and will accomplish this fete!!

This company has an admirable intention. They also have stated some good ideas about how to get this fight started.


As you can see from the above mission statements, they needed to be rewritten in order to project the correct image of their firms. Since a mission statement tells a lot about the firm, it is best to present you intention and ideas in the best possible light.

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