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Experience Changed My Life Forever Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

There are number of people who has prominently exchanged my life. I thank to my sister who rescued me from being an only child to siblinghood. My 4th grade teacher also had a huge impact on me because he motivated me to have a great passion for studying and working hard. But I must say, my mother has had the most significant influence on me because she has instilled in me an appreciation for the music from an early age.

My mother was born in Korea and moved to the States by herself to study at Juilliard School when she was only 15. She is a professional violinist now for New York City Ballet orchestra at Lincoln Center. I consider myself lucky to have someone so goal-oriented and determined in my life. There is no question that my mother was the starting point to my fascination in music.
Music is one of the most important things in my life. Singing and playing the music I like help me to have the positive attitude and mind. I love listening to WQXR Classical Radio Chann

el while I make myself get ready for bedtime, as I feel it helps me to de-stress and prepare for the

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next day that waits.

When I was younger, I didn\’t have the great love for the music that I have now. I started learning how to play the piano when I was four but didn\’t quite like the practice part. My mother who has a musical background for so long knew it takes more than just talent to advance. It takes hard work and effort, in my mother\’s words, million hours and more of practicing. She said she used to get up at 5:00 am to start practicing before school and continued practicing when she came back from school until 10:00 pm.

She said no one forced her to practice that much, she did it because she really enjoyed doing it. Since my mother always wanted me to experiment with my interests and see which develops into my true passion, she let me quit the piano and I moved onto singing in the NY city children\’s chorus. It was such a thrill to sing in a big group and have no more pressure from practicing. From that moment on, I continued to sing in my school\’s choir until now. Last year, I got to have some amazing opportunities through chorus, from performing at nursing homes and schools for kids with disabilities to joining a solo chorus at winter concert. My parents were so happy to hear my singled voice and choked their tears back when they congratulated me after.

I would have never discovered my love for music if it hadn’t been for my mother. She and her colleagues often have a chamber music gathering at our house and I really enjoying listening to them. I recently started leaning the guitar and hopefully I can join my mother’s chamber group one day. I am thankful that I have someone so special in my life.

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