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1.1 Explain Employee s role and responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection. The employees roles are to make sure that they follow company policies and procedures,and to report any hazards which could lead to infection also to attend any relevant courses for example infection control. To report any changes in the health conditions of any service user that we support. We also have a responsibility to assist in keeping work areas and equipment clean tidy and free from infection hazards.

We also must remember our own personal hygiene making sure long hair is tied back our uniforms are clean we wear the appropriate clothing for the tasks which we are to carry out ie gloves aprons and wash our hands and dispose of items in the correct form, ie using the yellow bags for contaminated bodily waste and any other contaminated items ie cathetor bags dressing etc, the yellow bags are then taken to the correct waste bins which are then taken away to be incinerated. Making sure that we help any service user to promote there personal hygiene ie assistance in washing using deodrant oral mouth care, changing of any soiled clothing which is put into red bags and taken to the laundry for washing another responsibility we hold is preparing and maintaining the enviroment before and after personal care and through out the day.

1.2 Explain Employers responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection Is to maintain a safe enviroment for service users visitors and care workers under the health and safety legislation policies and procedures for the prevention and control of infection would form part of the health and safety requirements.Managers need to make sure that they have upto date infection control policy and that it is written up and that it includes the roles and the responsibility of all staff in relation to the prevention of infection and what to do if there was to be an outbreak of infectious disease. They also need to produce reports regularly that describes the system that is in place for the prevention and control of infection and that the system is working properly and is taken seriously this could be risk assesments incidents of infection and how they are dealt with and the outcome with staff training they also have an obligation to supply the correct PPE.

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