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If a child’s development is not following the expected patterns it is important to implement early intervention to maximize development. There are several types of intervention which can come from professionals, adaptions, technology or equipment. Intervention can come from –

* Social workers – can offer information, counseling and support. Can also organize and manage care plans and support packages. Can link to further sources of help. * Speech and language therapists – can work 1:1 with children to accelerate learning and development in communication. Can also provide training and support to parents and carers. * Educational Psychologist – can identify behavioural and learning difficulties, create individual plans and give advice and support. * Youth Justice Service – can help children with behavioural problems. * Physiotherapist – can help children with physical developmental delay problems e.g. enhance mobility, relieve muscle spasm & pain, clear mucus from lungs for a child with cystic fibrosis. * Paediatrician / G.P. / Nurse – help children with medical conditions, monitor growth and development and deliver care and support. * Learning Support – work closely with individual children at school. Give assistance in lessons, help with educational delay, behaviour problems and lack of concentration.

Can also offer additional lessons or home tutoring if needed. * SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator) – a key person within a childcare or school setting who can identify children with learning difficulties and know how to best support them. They work closely with outside agencies to deliver a full care plan. * Psychiatrist – trained in mental health. Can diagnose, support and monitor. * Health visitor – promote mental, physical and social well-being in the community. They will give advice and support to children and their families. Usually work with mothers once care is handed over from midwives so involved at early vital stage in babies development. They provide routine development checks and are also responsible for child protection issues. * Assistive Technology – includes assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices for disabilities and the process used to select, locate and teach how to use them. They promote greater independence by enabling children to perform tasks they may find impossible or difficult to accomplish. Examples of this are –

* Sensory Rooms – stimulates the senses with colour, sound and texture. * Hydrotherapy Pool – water based exercise for children with mobility difficulties. * Voice activated computer programmes – use computer without need of mouse or keyboard. Helps with fine motor skills and co-ordination problems. Specialist stands, frames & chairs – enable children with mobility problems to access resources, join in play, move around and be independent

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