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Explain what marketing is Essay Sample

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Explain what marketing is Essay Sample

Marketing is a kind of process of making customers aware of products and services, attracting new customers or service keeping existing costumers interested in a product or service, building and maintaining a customer base for a product or service. Advertisements play a large part in marketing.

An organisation must do what the market wants. You must do a ” marketing research” to find out what the market wants. It’s not just means that the various estimates of marker size and location and customers attitudes but it also means research into all of an organisation’s marketing activities, such as pricing, advertising, selling and distribution policies.

Now I know what marketing means we must pick a product that exist or that does not exist to do your own marketing research

I have chosen for a product that does not exist. Named the FOLT. It is a laptop that you can fold out. A laptop is very handy because you can take your computer every where with you.

Because when you using a laptop a separate keyboard has to be used. This means that the users do not have to reach out the keyboard with extended arms. And because of their small size, a non-separate screen and a non-separate keyboard, which can not be adjusted independently to suit the need of the users, laptops are not suitable for prolonged use.

So I have made up a laptop that you can fold out the keyboard so people does not have to look more often to see if there making typing faults. I think it cost less energy. And they can also use for a long time than normal laptops.

This is what I had in thought than, that the keyboard is stick on the screen and that you can fold in the keyboard. So that you can take your laptop also elsewhere.

E1. You can appropriately identify, collect and use primary and secondary data relevant to the marketing strategy.

In this cart you must at first find out what primary and secondary means. Before you can start this part of your research.

Primary and secondary research is very important for my research to find out if it is smart to put my product in the market.

Secondary (desk) Research:

Secondary research is the gathering and analysis of already available information.

Before you want to put your product on the market you must know what the product exactly is and why it is used for. You must always check the data and the relevance of the information you’ve been found on the internet or in books etc.

Primary (field or original) Research:

Primary research is a gathering of fresh information, specifically tailored to the business own requirements. The information seekers join together to conduct the research. Established research agencies may undertake research and sell their findings to interested organisations.

I have made my own questionnaire for the costumers to see what they want to pay for my product how many people want that kind of product etc.

My secondary research:

I’ve found a few documents about the ICT and about the laptop. I think these articles and documents are very useful for my knowledge and I can use these documents to find out if my product is good enough to bring on the market

Quality of a laptop

Another product would be laptops from brands which are renown for satisfying the 3 main qualities. The laptops run on an different operating software, although incompatible with most of Windows based software, the laptops are still a choice among university and polytechnic students, especially students in the IT courses. Its superb and durable design and ease of use make it the top choice in a buyer’s list despite its slightly higher cost. It also allows users with Bluetooth enabled products to connect to their laptop. It even has a super drive which can read and burn DVDs and CDs at high speeds. In some universities, there are discounts when students buy these laptops from the university. You could even rent one for months on end and return them when they are done with it.

The laptop generation

All 64 pupils in year six at Pretty gate Junior School in Colchester will have their own laptop computers from September 2004. The leased machines for the 10 and 11-year-olds are being paid for with a grant from Essex e-learning Foundation, a charitable organization launched October 2004. The foundation aims to raise funds to support schools in Essex wanting to provide pupils with individual laptops. Essex is one of several local authorities pioneering new uses for technology in education to raise standards and to equip the future workforce.

This article comes out a magazine named: The times. From august 2004.

The country wants pupils in all 600 schools to have their own laptops. National research carried out by the Department for Education and Skills shows that pupils with full-time access to information and communication technology (ICT) score higher in national tests. Boys’ achievement levels are also raised, especially in English, and the standard of work and involvement of disaffected pupils rises. These findings were also reflected in pilot schemes at Great Bardfield Primary School, Noak Bridge Primary School, Colne Community School and College, The Gilberd School and Kingswode Hoe School in Essex during the past two years. The studies indicated that motivation and achievement increased, parents and carers were more involved in the learning process and relationships with the school improved.

Desktop computers are the most commonly used in English schools but the use of laptops is growing rapidly. Last year there were 276,000, up from 180,000 the previous year. One advantage of laptops is that teachers can maintain eye contact and interact with their pupils. Four education authorities in Scotland – West Lothian, East Lothian, Midlothian and the City of Edinburgh – are considering giving every child and teacher access to a laptop with a wireless link to the school network and the internet. The initiative follows a visit by Edinburgh education department officials to examine a similar scheme in the US state of Maine.

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