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The primary reason for the development of student ghettos is the expansion of higher education, creating a greater number of students in an area needing housing. For example, Swansea has a very popular university and consequently a large number of student ghettos. Rapid expansion started 15-20 years ago, when student numbers grew from 3000 to 18,000 in Brynmill, Swansea over a period of 13 years. The increase in students has

students has resulted in an increased desire for student accommodation which has led to student ghettos, since there’s only 3000 rooms on campus. However the reason for the ghettos; as opposed to student housing being dispersed around Swansea is caused by a number of factors explained in the filtering theory; where housing passes from higher to lower-income occupants.

Family homes are rented by students; often because landlords can exploit student tenants as they’re limited to where they can stay, due to lack of funding and the need to be relatively close to the university. This then creates a domino effect, students are disruptive and ruin neighbourhoods, a St Albans Road resident says a student home on the road is like the “kiss of death.” Therefore, more and more families move or rent out their property to students, which leads to the segregation of students in an area, due to them all being of a similar socio-economic class. Along with the similar class, students are all have a similar culture identity, wanting to go clubbing and go to bars and so living together or in the same vicinity makes this easier.

This also explains why these ghettos develop in specific area, usually around a culturally important place such as a bar, the town centre and obviously, near the university. Today’s economy also demands a greater number of qualifications; explicated in the Clark Fisher model, which pushes more people into attending university. 42% of 18 year olds attend university, the government hopes for this to rise to 50%. This causes the expansion of ghettos in some urban areas. This poses a problem for urban areas with a university, for the government has not suggested a way or given funding for accommodation of these new students, thus naturally more HMOs will occur due to the lack of funding for new on campus residences. Increasing the rate of studentification and the amount of student ghettos in areas; including Swansea.

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