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Explanation of the Circuit Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In total my circuit contained 14 different stations. All the stations were done for approximately 1 minute for the first 2 sessions. The last 2 sessions were done for over a minute to progress my body further and to show whether I had improved, and to also overload my body.

Power Lifts

On this station you lift heavyweights with one on each arm. You lift these weights by bending your knees but keeping the weights off the floor.


On this station you have to skip continuously for the whole period of 1 minute.It is cardiovascular and is also improving your stamina. This allows you run around the court, more easily without being fatigue.


This station is performed by seeing how many press-ups you can do in the total of 1 minute.Here the body weight should be placed at the arms, with them being stretched at arm length. The legs also have to be stretched out fully, and with this being done the body should be raised above the ground in a flat position with the back being straight at all times. The body should be raised and lowered by the bending of the arm.

Shuttle Runs

On this station you run a distance of 3-4 metres. Here you run back and forth. You run continuously throughout the 1-minute.

Tricep Dips

You perform as many dips as you can on this station. You do the dips by placing your arms on a bench with your legs stretched out in front of you. Your body is lowered and raised when bending the arm but still keeping the legs straight. This will give you the ability to hit the shuttle harder.


On this station you sprint you stand sideways. Here you have to lower your body to reach a point with your arms and swap arms to reach the other point on the other side. This must be done while running.


This is performed by seeing how many sit-ups can be achieved within the one minute. These are done by lying on your back with a straight back and placing your feet under a bench with

your knees bent. Your hands are either placed across your chest on at the side of your head temples.

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Lowering and raising the back is one sit-up..


On this station you sprint 9-10 metres to one side and walk back to the side which you started at to repeat it again for the whole 1 minute.

This is explosive strength.


This station is to see how quick you are. You move from one ring to the other by placing just one foot in each ring and stepping in between strips of pole. This distance from one pole to another is just under 2cm.


This exercise is performed by using a bench. While one foot is on the ground the other is on the bench. You switch the legs around within the minute. This trains your gastrocnemius and quadriceps. You will be able to move from side to side more quickly and give you more power on the legs.


This station is made up of a net and posts. The net is stretched out and with both your legs together you jump side to side of the net. As you jump you move along the net length. This will improve your explosive strength in your legs.


This station is also improving your arm muscles where you are having to pick up weights which are at two different weights. A heavier one and a lighter one. It improves the bicep muscles, which will allow you to hit the shuttlecock in more power and give explosive strength. The shuttlecock will be hit with more power.


Here body stretches are to be done. These stretches are like those performed when doing a warm-up. A badminton player needs to be able to stretch and reach for shots. And it’s overall better because you will have more improved performance.


This station is for resting where your body can regain is usual heart rate before moving on. Here the body is no longer fatigue. This to is also done over the period of 1 minute.

A warm up is something that is done before taking part in any practical or physical activity. It is also followed by a warm down, which is done at the end of a practical.

> It increases your body temperature – this effect the body to be actually ‘warming up’ the muscles.

> It allows you to gain a head start in certain ways, which will increase your input amount towards the activity.

> It increases your movement ability – blood flow through the muscles is increased and this improves their ability to contract quickly.


> It allows your body to recover – you can return the body back to its pre-exercise stage gently, just as you built it up in your warm-up.

> The warm-down enables the blood flow to be maintained. If you stop suddenly the blood returning to the heart drops quite dramatically which can make you feel dizzy and light-headed.

> The muscles are allowed to return to their normal temperature slowly. Quickly cooling them can result in muscle damage – this is why it is a good idea to perform some flexibility/mobility exercises.

> It allows you to be both mentally and physically relax.

One of the best ways to warm down is to repeat what you did for your warm-up but with less number of exercises performed. In other words the warm-down becomes a shortened version of your warm-up.

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