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Global warming is termed as the rise in the average temperature of the earth’s climate (Miller, p22). It has received too much attention of late owing to its adverse effects in the ecosystem. There is no single aspect of the life that is not affected by this phenomenon. The rise in the atmospheric temperature is thought to be as a result of the destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere (Simon, p49). The ozone layer is thought to prevent harmful and strong rays from the sun from reaching the earth’s atmosphere. When the strong rays reach the earth’s surface, they cause a rise in the average temperature. Consequently, many effects occur such as melting of the glacier in the Polar Regions.

Global warming is directly linked to rise in the atmospheric carbon dioxide gas. This gas is also referred to as the greenhouse gas (Simon, p 52). The combination of the rise in temperature and rise in the levels of the atmospheric carbon dioxide gas has catastrophic effects. For instance, when carbon dioxide dissolves in the oceanic water, it acidifies the water hence making it harmful to the aquatic life. It is feared that global warming may lead to extinction of some species from the earth’s surface. Therefore, global warming is a real danger that is facing the globe and the sooner measures are taken to curb its progression, the better it will be for the survival of all the living organisms.

Many people are not aware that human activities are responsible for the global warming (Miller, p32). Industrialization has led to the rise in the atmospheric carbon dioxide gas. Industrialization is a creation of the mankind. Other poisonous gases are also produced in the course of the human daily activities. For instance, vehicles produce fumes that may lead to trapping of the heat on the earth’s surface. Due to the ignorance, little is done to control he emission of the harmful gases, particularly carbon dioxide, to the atmosphere. Moreover, most people are unaware of the impact of the global warming on their lives. They do not appreciate the dangers that global warming pose to the existence of the living organisms. For that reason, most of these people continue with their daily activities without worrying of their contribution to global warming. Some people think that global warming is hype in the media.

In order to find a solution to the problem of global warming, all the people must appreciate that global warming is a real danger (Cox,et al., p37). They must know that global warming poses a threat to their existence. Moreover, people must know that they are contributing to the global warming by carrying out activities that promote emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If people understand that they are responsible for global warming and that global warming is dangerous, they will start thinking about how to solve the problem. It is evidenced that a trigger should exist to awaken people to think. In this case, the trigger is the realization that global warming is progressing and is putting the global in a precarious position.

This study will show the level of the ignorance that people have regarding the concept of global warming. Consequently, the study will reveal that there is an urgent need to educate the public on the facts of global warming. They need to be informed of the impact of global warming and their role in controlling the progress of global warming. Furthermore, the study will enlighten the public on the activities to avoid in order to halt the progress of global warming. With increased knowledge on the side of the public, it is hoped that this study will help a great deal in the fight against global warming. Consequently, the effects of global warming will be mitigated.


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